Stryker Rotary Club Welcomes Guest speaker Sandy Barber

GUEST SPEAKER … Sandy Barber, five-time Delegate to the Republican National Convention, spoke to the Stryker Rotary Club at their Tuesday evening meeting. She became a delegate by becoming active with a campaign run for a congressional district. She served as delegate in Dallas in 1984, New Orleans in 1988, Houston in 1992, New York in 2004, and Tampa this year. She has always enjoyed the opportunity to meet many new people along with some very famous people at the conventions. The speeches are also very inspiring during the convention. The delegate must always be present on the floor, or make sure the alternate is there in their place. The Rotary also learned that the population in Ohio has been dropping over the years she has served, and this year we have only 16 districts in the state. She told us she remembered when Ohio had 25 districts. This year in Tampa the first day was extremely long as the business of two days was rolled into one because of the hurricane. Sandy Barber, pictured on the left, spoke as a guest of Stryker Rotary Member Bill Brenner.


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