Stryker Rotary Discusses Water Rate Increases

Gary St John, Stryker Village Administrator, spoke to the Stryker Rotary Club at their regular meeting on Tuesday evening. Gary informed the club that the increase in water rates was done to insure the village is covering expenses to provide water. He also told the group that Stryker has not increased water rates in 17 years. The average residential water bill will increase about $4.60 per month, depending on use. He also added that the sanitary sewer system is scheduled to be paid off in 2017, and it is possible that the sewer portion of the bill may be able to be lowered at that time. The council is the ruling body of the village and will have to decide at that time. Gary also explained that Stryker follows and enforces the laws of the state of Ohio, and under state law must collect sufficient funds to cover expenses for providing water to residents. Gary St John, on the left, spoke as a guest of Stryker Rotary Member Bill Brenner.


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