Stryker Rotary Welcomes Guest Business Owner Mark Ledyard

DSCF4338 WEBMark Ledyard has been in business for himself now for just over one year. His business, MLD Remodeling, is located in Stryker, Ohio and Mark said he has been busy with his new business venture. Mark moved to Stryker nine years ago and purchased a house on the corner of Curtis and King Streets. Mark worked for a local contractor and totally remodeled the house over a several year period of time. Mark was encouraged by several local people to start his business when they had seen his work. He began the business thinking he would limit the projects he took on, but has become more comfortable working on larger projects. He is willing to take on any type of remodeling job, and he is especially fond of working on projects involving woodworking. Mark was invited to speak to the club by Stryker Rotary member Larry Soles. Mark, on the right, is pictured with Stryker Rotary President Rev. Dane Meuschke.

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