Stryker Village Council Announces Military Banners For Memorial Day


By: Rebecca Miller

Al Riegsecker, Village Administrator for Stryker, said that the banners which have been purchased in the program to honor veterans and present military, will be put up the week before Memorial Day. At present there have been eleven purchased that are in the office and ready to be hung, but Mayor Joe Beck stressed that anyone who has a family member whom they would like to honor with a banner should call the office.

“We still have time to get them and we would love to have a lot more,” he said. The village does have an assistance fund set up for those who cannot afford to purchase a banner to honor their loved one(s).

Riegsecker also informed council that ARS has alerted the village that LARGE TRASH PICK UP HAS BEEN POSTPONED. They will notify the village when they can do it.

At this particular council meeting held on April 20, 2020 at 6 p.m., Stryker honored social distancing creatively with some on a Zoom meeting, three seated far apart from each other at the village office and one on the phone. Needless to say it was different, but the business got done.

Council voted to approve the minutes of the March 26, 2020 meeting and the Finance report for April 17, 2020. Fiscal officer Beth Rediger said that they had over $89,000 come in and $72,000 in expenses since the last meeting.

An email from the Heritage Council was discussed, concerning a few repair needs at The Depot. Their president, Terry Wieland, was requesting that some screens be replaced and for some advice or assistance with some stones that need to be placed.

Riegsecker told council that he feels the village crew can help with these two projects and Mayor Beck pointed out that it is “well under the threshold of things we can do.” The Heritage Council is paying a contractor to lay the brick paving which they want to get done.  Police Chief Steve Schlosser pointed out that there is also mulch available to be used.

Councilman Rex Blevins had given copies of the Health Committee report to everyone and council voted to accept the report.  In the report Blevins stated that they had discussed health concerns in the community that are due to the Covid-19 virus. The village office will remain closed to the public. Utility and Income tax payments may be made through the drop box or online at the village website which is

The village will work with people, accepting partial payment on utility bills as not to shut them off during this crisis. The 10% penalty on utility bills will also be waived until thirty days after the state mandated stay at home order is lifted.

The income tax filing deadline has been extended to July 15, 2020 to match the Federal date.  Mayor Beck stated that Stryker School had contacted the Village about ways to get internet access to WiFi for students and he directed them to make contact with Metalink.

In his report to council, Chief Schlosser said that not much is going on. Since the last meeting there were fifty eight complaints, eleven traffic warnings, one citation and two arrests with most of that happening before the shutdown. Since then they have been dealing with “only the most egregious offenses” during the shutdown.

He said in response to a question, that he had given the directive to allow people to park on the sides of the streets and in the park to participate in a Welcome Home parade given to honor young Stryker resident Allie Herman. He was not there but heard that it went well and said he was glad that so many participated.

During opportunity for council members to share, Vicki Cameron asked if any large groups have been dealt with during this time. Chief Schlosser said that none have and that if people want to report one they should call the Williams County Health Department.

“We have not been ordered to ‘break up parties’ or to enforce work violations,” he added.  Cameron also said she wanted everyone to know that there is a new Greenhouse on Rt. 2 near Stryker now.

Lana Tompkins asked if there any layoffs or cutbacks have been needed at this time and Mayor Beck assured her that since the village has just the right number of employees, they did not need to make any changes.

He also said that on April 27, the office personnel will be together again in the office as there is plenty of room for them to stay far apart during working hours. Riegsecker has also had the village work crew taking precautions for distancing and cleaning as well.

A concern about committee meetings being held was raised by councilman Sean Ingram and the mayor explained that those meetings can be held anytime. It was agreed to run the scheduling through Rediger as she can make sure they get announced in the paper before they are held.

Rex Blevins asked if it would be possible to go through the Handbook to see what changes need to be made and it was agreed that they need to make a committee of a few that would like to do that.

It was mentioned, before adjournment, that anyone who has needs should feel free to call the office and they will be directed as to how to get assistance for those needs.

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