West Unity’s Kamco Water Tower Gets A Makeover

water-tower-WEBHave you noticed the changes to the scenery as you come into West Unity from the East? Shay Pursel and Dawn Jones are working through the creative process of painting the village water tower on location at Kamco Industries in West Unity. A good portion of the work is complete. Shay says, “I have noticed many cars taking pics with their cell phones while I have been painting. I am very thankful for all of the candid and kind comments. What I have enjoyed the most is the conversation with Dawn while standing near the water tower and expressing appreciation of the artwork. Dawn is my first priority, and I want her to be happy. Dawn’s first priority is the happiness of the Kamco employees. I think the intrigue is the surprise that someone painted a mural without announcing it first. Seems like a treasure find. You can see the mural driving on 20A going east bound from downtown West Unity. The tower is on the north side of the street. This gift is intended to not only beautify the community, but to please the Japanese President since he is scheduled to return to his home country of Japan in the not too distant future.” Shay is continuing the painting on the Kamco side and hopes to have it completed soon.

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