$2.6M Tax Levy For New Wauseon Pool To Appear On November Ballot

By: Shar Dimick

Wauseon City Council approved a resolution to place a 2.6 mill tax levy for a new pool on the November ballot.

According to the Finance Committee the money secured if the tax levy passes would be used to pay back a $1.4 million note (plus interest) over a 5-year period to construct as well as operate a new community pool. In February council unanimously passed a resolution that the new pool at Reighard Park based on the results of a September 2014 survey that went out in the water bills of approximately 3000 citizens. Reighard Park was location of the original 70-year old pool that closed in 2009 due to deteriorating conditions. The survey results also showed that residents supported building a new community pool with 655 in favor to 70 against.

Councilor Shane Chamberlin presented the Park Board report. He said that the bridge washed out at Homecoming Park and Public Works will be putting in two new culverts. In addition, the Wauseon Rotary Club is working on a nature trail behind Homecoming Park. Councilor Rick Frey asked if the Nature Trails would eventually be donated to the City to maintain.

Director of Public Service Dennis Richardson stated that in the discussion he has been part of that the individual who owns this private property wishes to create the nature trail and then donate it. Richardson said it will qualify as a wetlands and once the trails are established there wouldn’t be much work aside from maintaining the path and putting up some signage for identifying species, etc.

Frey said that he isn’t opposed to the nature trail, however; if for example, Emerald Ash Borer infected the trees it could be hazardous and expensive for the City. Chamberlin agreed that there definitely has to be attention to the trees and there should be discussion between the entities. Mayor Kathy Huner stated that there could be grant funding for wetlands so there are different options and discussion for possibility of funding.

In other business:
•A public hearing was held in regard to Joyce Plassman application for a zoning change to split the south 26 feet of Lot #100 on 835 Third St. from B2 (Highway Service District) to R3 (Single Family Residential) in order to split the lot. David Wright, Regional Planning Director, explained that the Plassman wishes to split the lot and there would be two zonings on that parcel. Councilor Martin Estrada stated that he had no concerns with changing the grassy area from B2 to R3, so it could be part of the house. No one else wanted to speak at the public hearing. Council approved the emergency first reading of the ordinance to amend the official zoning map as requested and it is now in effect.

•Approved the emergency first reading of an ordinance that authorizes the issuance and sale of $1,350,000 notes pertaining to the Napoleon water line and Water Treatment Plant improvements.

•Approved the emergency second reading of an ordinance authorizing the Director of Finance to increase or decrease certain line account appropriations for the Linfoot St. engineering project. Richardson reported that the preconstruction meeting for the project is scheduled for July 29, 2015. The meeting with the residents will be scheduled after that.

•Approved the second reading of a resolution authorizing the mayor to transfer four ball diamonds south of Harmon Field to the Wauseon Exempted Village Schools Board of Education.

•Wright reported that the Downtown Revitalization grant funds are now available for the program and they have three applicants.

•Assistant Police Chief McConnell reported that the Wauseon Police Department has applied for a $1600 to $1700 Drug Prevention grant that if received will be used for drug prevention talks to elementary and junior high students.

•Richardson reported that the sidewalk project at Reighard Park is complete and the Public Works Department will be working on the sidewalk extension project across the road from the Wauseon Union Cemetery.

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