2013 State of the Village of Edon

Members of Council, Board of Public Affairs and Residents: During the past year the Council, Board of Public Affairs and all employees have accomplished many projects and addressed many issues that have improved the Village. These were all done to make the Village of Edon a healthier and safer community in which to live.

Following are some highlights of the past year:

• Purchased a 2013 Chevy Tahoe for the Police Department, this replaced the 2007 Crown Victoria Police Cruiser.

• Final payment was made on the 2011 Chevy Tahoe (Unit 1).

• Traffic lights were inspected, repairs made and upgraded to LED lights. The control box was cleaned and the conflict monitor certified.

• Community Building floors were stripped and waxed.

• Community Building parking lot was sealed.

• Resurfaced the streets in Rockey Ridge subdivision.

• Vacated a portion of South Main Street from Railroad Street south to the closed railroad crossing as requested by The Edon Farmers Co-op.

• Sewer drains were smoked throughout the Village.

• Replaced several sewer tanks, lids and risers.

• Made other repairs and upgrades at the Water Plant and Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The Engineer/Zoning Inspector issued 13 permits for a total of $335.00 creating a total of $454,000.00 in Land Improvement Costs.

The Police Department continues to work diligently in keeping our Village and the surrounding area a safe place to reside. The Department also continues to work closely with Edon Northwest Local Schools Superintendent Ed Ewers and staff at the school to protect the children and maintain a safe environment.

The closing of the DMI/Chassix Plant remains the top concern of the Village for 2014. Word of such closing was heard April 20, 2013. On April 24th myself, three Council members, Diamond Zimmerman, Coordinator of the Williams County Economic Development Corporation of Williams County met at the

DMI/Chassix Plant with two Executives from headquarters, the Plant Manager and Human Resource Manager. From that meeting on there have been continued contacts and conversations; however, the closing date of March 31, 2014 stands. As soon as possible the Village, with the assistance of WEDCO, will begin marketing efforts to bring in another company.

The closing of DMI/Chassix and the loss of the municipal income tax will affect the Village budget for 2014; therefore each department will see a 10% reduction in their respective budgets. The Village will have revenue to operate and maintain; however there will not be extra funds for any new costly projects or infrastructure. We will continue to operate and provide the necessary needs of the Village and all the residents.

There will continue to be many challenges and opportunities for the Village of Edon in 2014. Together with the Board of Public Affairs and all the employees we will continue to cautiously manage the future of our community. Finally to all of you that have contributed your time and expertise to the Village this past year- THANK YOU!!!!

– Mayor Darlene Burkhardt


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