Edon Village Council Holds First Meeting of 2014

By: Lucinda Held-Faulhaber – THE VILLAGE REPORTER

After reorganizing for the new year, Edon Village Council carried on with the evening’s straightforward agenda, addressing several items including the allocation of Village Income Tax.

“I would like Council to redo Ordinance [181.09]: Disbursement of Income Tax Funds starting next quarter,” requested Fiscal Officer Heidi Bidwell.

Currently, as she went on to explain, collected income tax disbursements are allocated 80.34 percent to the Village’s general fund; 11.33 percent to sanitary sewer and 8.33 percent to capital outlay. Restructuring the Ordinance would increase percentages to general and capital outlay funds while eliminating future allotments to sanitary sewer.

“Current allocations would change to 90 percent to the general fund and 10 percent to capital outlay,” she continued. “At this point, there’s no need to contribute to sanitary sewer since the sewer’s last [loan] payment will be in July.”

Upon review of the Ordinance and all questions attended to, Council approved moving forward to reallocate Village Income Tax funds as proposed by Mrs. Bidwell; a new Ordinance reflecting the noted revisions will be prepared by Solicitor Thompson for approval at next month’s meeting.

In other action taken, Council:

• Accepted the Minutes, Financial Report and bills as presented.

• Approved the Board of Public Affairs nomination of Chip Hulbert to fill its open seat; the one-term appointment continues through December 31, 2017.

• Supported Councilor Nester’s suggestion to have Council and BPA exchange monthly minutes (as well as attending meetings) to keep and further open the lines of communication between the two boards; Fiscal Officer Bidwell will email copies to each councilor and board member.

• Agreed, without reservation, to UE Local 715’s request to place its Union Retirees Plaque at the Edon Community Building upon closure of the DMI/Chassix Plant.

• Accepted Andres O’Neil & Lowe’s $12,784 quote to continue providing liability and property insurance for the Village (down from last’s year $13,644 premium); they will serve as agents to HCC Public Risk/Ohio.

• Reappointed Mayor Darlene Burkhart and Edon Northwest Local Schools Superintendent Ed Ewers as Village representatives to the 2014 Williams County Economic Development Corporation Board (WEDCO).

• Heard Chief Tom Szymczak’s monthly Service Log and Vehicle Report for December as well as the Police Department’s 2013 Year End Report. Included were Logged Events (1,765 calls for service, 292 complaints, 106 citations, 394 warnings, 11 accidents, 19 alarms, 11 arrests, 196 assists and 803 follow-ups); Operational Data (24,336 total mileage/two vehicles; 2,482 gallons of fuel ~ $8,712.11; maintenance ~ $887.95 (combined total cost ~ $9,600.06); average per mile cost to fuel/service two vehicles ~ $2.53, a reduction from the previous year) and Municipal Court Revenue ($5,781 from fines and fees). He also noted he and Sergeant Kirk Stickney participated in the annual Cops for Kids program; water, street and police department cell phones were updated (rebates, equipment buy-backs, utilizing current vehicle charging equipment, etc., helped offset costs; going through the small business department resulted in no activation fees, a thirty-five dollar savings per phone) and accepted the resignation of one officer.

• Was informed by Street Superintendent Jim Brigle snow removal throughout the Village has been ongoing; a salt delivery that day replenished the Village’s winter supply used up over the weekend.

• Noted Mayor Burkhardt looks to reorganize the Edon Park Board; an assessment of current appointments, terms, etc. will be presented next month.

• Heard Maumee Valley Planning Organization is accepting applications for 2014 CDBG (Community Development Block Grant) funding; with current Village uncertainties, Council took no action to pursue at this time.

• Learned Allied Waste continues preparing figures regarding recycling collections within the Village; updates on possible scheduling changes, etc. will be provided when completed.

• Voted to enter into Executive Session to discuss personnel; no action was expected to be taken.

In observance of President’s Day, the next monthly meeting of Edon Village Council will be moved to Monday, February 24, 2014 beginning at 7:00 p.m. in Village Chambers.

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