Archbold Village Council Informed Tax Receipts Are Down 7.4%

By: Rebecca Miller

Donna Dettling, Archbold Village Administrator, led the Zoom meeting held on May 4, 2020, as requested by Mayor Brad Grime, “to make it less confusing.”

Dettling explained that a resolution is needed to borrow money to cover the design portion of a water treatment plant improvements, in anticipation of an upcoming OWDA loan. The estimate for the entire project is around seven million.

She also said that it looks like it will be late June for the generator to arrive.  Council voted to suspend readings and pass Resolution 2020-27: Authorize borrowing $500,000 in anticipation of an upcoming OWDA loan for the water treatment plant improvements and declaring an emergency.

Council also voted to accept the minutes of the April 20, 2020 meeting and to approve the payment of bills and payroll totaling $499,729.59.

Zoning Permits for March and April 2020 as well as the Park Board meeting packet for May 6, 2020 were reviewed and discussed.  It looks like the pool wouldn’t even be able to open until July so they were not sure if it would open at all this summer.

When reporting that the income tax receipts were down 7.4% from this time last year, Dettling said she was glad to see how low that was as she was concerned that it would be 10% or more.

Other topics mentioned were:

  • the hope that other manufacturing plants can get back to running
  • Norfolk and Southern need to respond concerning getting the rubber inserts installed which were purchased last fall
  • Brick wall removed on corner of St. Rt. 6 looks better and easier to see from cars
  • Good feedback on Hildebrand, a contractor they had not worked with before
  • Need to discuss whether or not to get some other projects going
    • Revisit Rosewood, Dogwood and Brush Creek Station
    • Water tower on hold
    • Going to be a tough year but should be able to do a few projects, which will also get some people back to work
  • Archbold Refuse does not know yet when they can do the Recycling Pick up

Next meeting is May 18, 2020.

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