Bryan Mayor Declares State Of Emergency

The following DECLARATION OF A STATE OF EMERGENCY has been issued by Bryan Mayor Carrie Schlade.

WHEREAS, due to the novel outbreak of COVlD-19 and the potential threat of community spread, and the number of reported cases globally, and state-wide and;

WHEREAS, as a result of the above-described emergency l have determined that there is an imminent threat of, or existing conditions which have caused or will cause, widespread or severe contamination or loss of life; and

WHEREAS, As Mayor of the City of Bryan I am hereby: declaring a State of Emergency and imposing the restrictions and prohibitions ordered herein as necessary to maintain order and protect public health, safety, and welfare, and to secure property.

NOW, THEREFORE, pursuant to the authority vested in me as the Mayor of the City of Bryan under Section 2.06 of the Charter of the City of Bryan and Section 509.08 of the Bryan Municipal Code.

Section 1. A State of Emergency is hereby declared within the jurisdiction of Bryan Ohio.

Section 2. The Emergency area covered by this state of emergency shall include the entire City.

Section 3. The following restrictions and prohibitions are imposed:

A. Restricted Access: All City of Bryan government buildings shall be closed to public access, with the exception of Bryan Municipal Court Proceedings and Probation.

B. Other: Monthly big trash pick-up shall be suspended. Regular weekly trash pick-up shall continue.

Section 4. I hereby order all City of Bryan law enforcement officers, employees, and all other Emergency management personnel subject to City control to cooperate in the enforcement and implementation of the provisions of this Declaration, all applicable local ordinances, state and federal laws, and the City Emergency Operations Plan. Any violation of any order hereunder is a Misdemeanor of the First Degree.

Section 5. I hereby order this declaration: (n) to be distributed to the news media and other organizations calculated to bring its contents to the attention of the general public; (b) to be filed with

Bryan City Clerk-Treasurer and (e) to be distributed to others as necessary to ensure proper implementation of this declaration

Section 6. This declaration shall take effect on March 18, 2020, at Midnight and shall remain in effect until modified or rescinded.


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