Delta High School Holds Career Day Event

CAREER BOOTH … Members of the Delta Fire Department interview and talk to students about the important work done at the department. (PHOTO BY JACOB KESSLER, STAFF)

By: Jacob Kessler

Delta High School students participated in a career day event that included a real money, real world exercise and alumni panel.

The event took place on Wednesday, May 18th at the Delta High School. Numerous businesses from the local area set up booths in the gymnasium.

Local business participation was organized through the Fulton County Economic Development Corporation.

Students have been preparing for this event in English class by studying resume writing and interview skills. Representatives from the Ohio State University’s Extension Office also came to the school on Tuesday to help provide more instruction and to get them ready for the real money, real world scenario.

The real money, real world event teaches students what their finances could be like once leaving high school. Each student is given a career, salary and a hypothetical family.

They must then travel from station to station to figure out the cost for different aspects of life such as child care, food, internet and phone, car payments, insurance, health care and more.

A chance booth is also available for students who may receive a good card or a bad card to signify what happens in life.

An alumni panel was also available for students to participate with. Alumni members from different walks of life were brought in to talk about how they have done since leaving school.

Some had gone to college and others had gone directly into the work force. The panel began with conversation starters and transitioned to open questions from students such as how to start your own business and how to deal with financial aid.

Career day helped in many ways to show students what their futures may be financially. It also gave students an opportunity to interview for tangible jobs, whether it be permanent or through the summer.

Learning about what the future may have in store is always an important tool as it can help to guide decisions along the way.

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