Construction Begins In Edgerton On Solar Generator

By: Daniel Cooley

On April 6, the Edgerton Village Council approved an agreement between the Edgerton village and Railroad Enterprises, also known as Covington Box.

The agreement is an interconnection agreement between Covington Box and Edgerton Electric.

The first step in the process began on May 13, when construction began, in working to install a solar generator.

According to Edgerton Administrator Dawn Fitzcharles, the project should take about a month to complete.

The project, when completed, is a solar array that “will be connected with a bidirectional meter,” Fitzcharles said. “The array will produce energy for Covington Box and the Edgerton electric system.

The Village has agreed to compensate Covington Box per kilowatt hour at the average cost of power per kilowatt hour, paid on an annual basis. The array maximum production is 50.85 kilowatts.

Fitzcharles stated that this will be the third agreement with solar arrays. The other agreements are with Edgerton Local Schools, as well as with Buckeye Veteran Hospital.

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