DELTA VILLAGE COUNCIL: Council Discusses Police Impound Lot

The Delta Village Council held their meeting on Monday, May 2nd. The meeting was called to order at 5:30 p.m. followed by the Pledge of Allegiance and a prayer.

Council first moved to approve the minutes from the previous meeting before moving on to hear public wishing to address council.

Ernest Wells came up to speak to council regarding the speed limit on Parkwood. Mr. Wells would like to see a speed limit sign on the street so that the speed can be enforced.

His concern is with cars that go through the area at a higher speed and with the children that live in the area. Chief Hartsock stated that he has had conversations with Mr. Wells regarding this in the past.

A sign is up on the drive that states the speed is 10 mph which is not enforceable. A 25-mph speed sign would however be enforceable and would match the rest of streets in the village. It was stated that the matter will be looked into.

For the Village Administrator’s report, it was stated that a request was submitted through the County Auditor’s Office for an Ag District Renewal for Nature Fresh Farms.

It is being advertised for a public hearing that will take place at the next meeting.

A discussion then took place regarding sewer lines in the village that have been looked at with a camera. It was asked to schedule a Village Services Committee meeting to share some of the findings and to discuss plans for how to begin addressing some of the required maintenance issues. A motion was made to schedule the meeting on the 23rd of May which was approved.

Also, a year ago the impound facility was placed near the waste water treatment facility. The lot currently has three vehicles in it.

Mr. Peebles stated that he cannot recommend spending the money to create a new facility when the amount of impounds has not been significant enough to need a change.

Chief Hartsock stated that he does not have any objections to keeping the impound where it is. Council then moved to approve the invoices as presented before moving to approve the following legislative actions.

Ordinance 22-03 for the supplementing of Ordinance 21-13 to make supplemental appropriations for the current expenses of the Village of Delta for the fiscal year ending December 31st.

Ordinance 22-04 authorizing the Village Administrator to dispose of certain surplus property not needed for any municipal purpose.

Ordinance 22-05 to amend annual appropriations ordinance and creating a federal grant JAG fund. With no other business to attend to the meeting was adjourned at 5:51 p.m.


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