Edgerton Welcomes Fitzcharles Back As Village Administrator & Changes Lawyer Representation

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Mayor Robert Day was very happy to recommend the return of Dawn Fitzcharles to the position of Village Administrator, at the January 4, 2021 regular Edgerton Village Council Meeting.

He told council that “the value Dawn brought to the Village of Edgerton previously, may not have been fully realized until after she left three years ago.” Council voted unanimously to approve the hiring of Dawn Fitzcharles as Village Administrator, and to hold off on regular discussions “until the proper people are in place.”

In organizational business, Council member Jason Gruver was elected by council to be the new Council President Pro Tempore. Council voted to approve the December 21 regular meeting minutes and the December 28 Special Meeting minutes. Also approved were Bill Payment and Fiscal officer update.

Much of the January 4 meeting was spent in discussion concerning the position of Village solicitor. (According to the minutes from the December 28, 2020 Special Meeting, Charles Butler has been a part time Solicitor for the village ever since a prosecutor for whom he worked was not re-elected.

At that time, according to Council member Leslie VanAusdale, Butler asked the village if he could act as a public employee for the village to maintain his benefits with OPERS at no cost to the village. Some discussion was held concerning how he was paid.

Mayor Day informed council that Clemans-Nelson suggested that they go away from having a Solicitor as a part time employee and go to a contracted individual. Following further discussion, it was tabled at that time.)

At the January 4 meeting, Council voted to approve Ordinance 1071 An ordinance Repealing Ordinance 920 and Chapter 137 of the Codified Ordinances of Edgerton, Ohio and declaring an emergency. The village will no longer employ a Solicitor as legal counsel. Mr. Charles Butler’s contract had expired.

Going forward, legal representation will be provided through a contracted law representative. Ordinance 1071 will abolish any prior legislation stating the representative will serve as an employee.

Mayor Day presented a proposal to Council that was received from Chris Walker at Richards and Walker, Ltd. The Mayor also mentioned that there was previously a spending cap at $30,000 per year for services and that should be added before being signed.

Council voted to approve “contract for legal representation with Richards and Walker, LTD adding language that services will not exceed $30,000 per year without Council approval. Walker will be the Edgerton Village Contracted Law Director.

In other business, the mayor informed council that the meeting day needs to be changed from Mondays to Tuesdays, continuing to be held in the 1st and 3rd weeks of each month. After discussion it was decided to continue with 7 p.m. as meeting time to accommodate summer work schedules.

Mayor Day also informed council that he has reached out to a council trainer whom he met while attending a new council person seminar three years ago. He has requested that a meeting be set up for current council members to discuss council related topics and for him to provide insight and answers. It was decided that after a date is determined, a Special Meeting will be called in person to meet with this gentleman.

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, January 19, 2021 at 7 p.m., with a Records commission meeting held prior at 6:50.



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