Delta Village Council Decides To Sell Property To Open Door With No Restrictions

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Mayor Bob Gilbert called the Delta Village Council meeting to order on January 4, 2021, with Pastor Seth Atkins of Swan Creek Community Church leading in prayer after the Pledge of Allegiance. Council voted to:

•Approve minutes of December 21, 2020

•Payment of bills

•Re-Elect Frank Wilton as Council President

•Establish meeting schedule for 2021 as 1st and 3rd Mondays of every month except in February when it will be on the 1st and 4th Mondays, and in July when it will be on the 2nd and 3rd Mondays, and September when it will be on the 2nd and 3rd Mondays, subject to change; with the time remaining at 5:30 p.m.

•Confirm Mayor Gilbert’s appointments to committees

•Ordinance 21-01 first reading An ordinance modifying the traffic pattern of Monroe St. between Main and Palmwood Streets (with estimate of $25,000, Proposal is to remove a curb area, new sidewalk with new curbing and a newly paved section and striping to indicate parking)

•Ordinance 21-02 First reading An ordinance authorizing the village administrator to dispose of certain real estate not needed for any municipal purpose (Peebles explained they will have sealed bids, with right to raise the bid in auction style)

•Resolution 21-01 First reading A resolution authorizing the Village Administrator to advertise for bids and enter into contract for the resurfacing of Wood Street in 2021 (Question was asked if they could do another street while they were there and it was agreed if it was in the budget, they might be able to do that.)

John Bay, resident of Delta, addressed council about Executive Session in November. He had a question about what housing development they had been discussing. As he had left early he was curious as to what land they were speaking about. It was clarified and he thanked them.

In reports:Village Administrator Brad Peebles spoke about follow up on the open door policy. He asked for some direction to reject, amend or allow the sale to go forward without restriction.
Councilman Chad Johnson asked what their rebuttal was about going through council, or the Plan commission. They feel they should not have to prove the need in the future. They do have to follow zoning requirements but do not want to have to go through council.

Following some discussion, Wilton recommended that council sell it to them and let them do what they want to with the land. Law Director Kevin Heban said that they could impose restrictions like a Home Owners Association can do, if they so choose, but they do not have to do so. A motion was made and approved by council to go forward with no restrictions. Roll Call vote was held with all voting to pass the motion.

In response to a question, Peebles shared that the village will now be able to recapture water and send raw water to Nature Fresh for their use. Instead of wasting 250,000 to 300,000 gallons of water per day, they will be able to recycle it for Nature Fresh, a $5,000 to $6,000 expense to rebuild the pump and another $3000 for new pipelines. It will be just water used to rinse and flush the pipes but will now be available for them to treat and reuse. They are being billed.

On subject of the reservoir, there is a meeting scheduled about repairs that need to be done. Electric has been reestablished and is running.  Finance Director Stephanie Mossing reported that a request from the Girl Scouts to start meeting again has come in and she wanted direction. Due to it being a public health concern, council decided to deny the request at this time due to COVID-19 situation.

Council member Lynn Frank asked the status of Fernwood and it was explained they are still working on it and there have been many delays as it is a time consuming process. Some discussion of use of COVID money in the invoices was held as Mossing explained what a few of the expenses were for.

Officer Matt Koser was commended for being chosen as Responder of the Week on Channel 13.



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