Edon Board Of Public Affairs To Research RCAP Services

EDON VILLAGE WATER PLANT … While the final loan payment on the Edon Village Water Department facility was made in June 2010, Board of Public Affairs continue to explore options for much-needed upgrades.

EDON VILLAGE WATER PLANT … While the final loan payment on the Edon Village Water Department facility was made in June 2010, Board of Public Affairs continue to explore options for much-needed upgrades.

Members of the Edon Board of Public Affairs agreed to look further into a potential technical assistance program for the Village’s Water Plant during its regular monthly meeting held Wednesday, December 12, 2012 at Edon Village Hall. Mayor Darlene Burkhardt called the late afternoon session to order with Board Members Warren Henry, Andy Ledyard, Chip Hulbert, Fiscal Officer Heidi Bidwell, Water/Wastewater Superintendent Chris Decker and one guest in attendance.

As explained by Superintendent Decker in October, the Ohio Rural Community Assistance Program (RCAP) provides consulting services to help rural communities address their drinking water and wastewater treatment needs. Working with leaders of the community, program representatives pinpoint the problem, secure affordable funding and eventually, complete the undertaking. Annually, several areas throughout the State are assisted by RCAP in accessing millions of dollars for water and sewer projects.

Prior to their discussion on how best to proceed with the water plant, Board members heard from Ed Kidston regarding Northwest Township’s water system and what it could possibly offer the Village.
“I’ve been involved with the water system in Northwest Township,” began Mr. Kidston, “and in recent conversations with our County Commissioners, EPA, Northwest Township Water Board, et al, we’ve been ‘brainstorming’ to find additional revenue for its operational needs.” While three existing customer hook-ups should satisfy repayment conditions for the five hundred thousand dollar grant, secured by Williams County Commissioners for the project, their income will not sustain the setup. (Flying J currently is ~ and has been ~ paying for the system.)

Realizing Edon’s water plant is thirty plus years old and facing major repairs or total replacement, Kidston presented the idea of hooking together the Edon Village and Northwest Township Water systems. “It’s an [all-around] viable option for both communities and is acceptable to the EPA. I’m not sure if you’re interested in doing this ~ maybe not ~ but this might be something to consider.”
The ensuing discussion, including weighing the option of hooking into Northwest Township’s water system, either through shared ownership or purchasing their water, resulted in the Board’s decision to further investigate RCAP’s services ~ free to communities serving ten thousand or less. As previously shared by Superintendent Decker, “If we can benefit from cost-saving measures without raising water rates, then we’re all for it.”

Agreeing to move ahead, Edon BPA will first begin “crunching numbers”, researching rates and operational costs for the past three years and investigating revenue options to upgrade or replace the Village water plant on Woodville Street.

In addressing its remaining clear-cut agenda, the Board:

  • Welcomed new Board member, Chip Hulbert, to his first meeting; he fills Kyle Sapp’s unexpired BPA position through December 31, 2013.
  • Approved the Minutes, Financial Report and Bills as presented.
  • Elected Andy Ledyard to serve as Board President.
  • Approved a three hundred fifty dollar monthly salary for Jim Kiess to read Village water meters; his $10.25 hourly rate for additional part-time work for the Village remains unchanged.
  • Approved a fifty dollar per day stipend for Chad Ordway to cover weekends for Superintendent Decker as needed. A schedule for January will be set up with the certified water operator; he will invoice the Village for days worked.
  • Learned Superintendent Decker is currently working towards his Certified Water Class I operator’s license.
  • Signed the Shut-Off List.

Edon Board of Public Affairs will hold its next meeting Tuesday, January 8, 2013 beginning at 4:30 p.m. in Village Chambers.

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