Edon Parents Club Hosts Walkathon At The School

03-27-2015-Edon Walkathon-T (49) WEBBy: T.J. Hug
The Village Reporter

The parents of Edon Northwest Local Schools’ elementary students have done more than just complain about how the district is so underfunded.

They’ve actually gone and done something about it.

A group known as the Edon Parents Club has been doing its part by organizing fundraising events to help out the school. The most recent example of this dedication to their children’s education was a walkathon orchestrated by the group at the school itself on Friday, March 27.

Originally scheduled as an outdoor affair, lower temperatures moved the event to the facility’s auxiliary gym. It was there that students varying from pre-school to sixth grade spent a half hour walking around the boundary of the court. Elementary Principal Michelle Molargik oversaw the action, directing each grade on when to begin walking, as to avoid the mass confusion which surely would have occurred if everyone had tried to start at the same time.

The Walkathon was a rousing success. According to members of the Parent’s club present, the fundraiser generated just shy of $1,000. The district will be allowed to use that money how they see fit.

Earning the most of that sum was the teacher Kristen Hall’s First Grade class. As a reward, the class elected to have an Ice Cream party, choosing the more dairy-centric option over a Pizza party.

Further more, the top earners within the grade were given $25 gift cards to Walmart. Included amongst the winners were Joseph Sparks, Amarah Schwart, Kendol Brigle, and Gauge Nester.

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