Fayette Village Council Approves Leaf Vac Purchase & Liquor License For New Business


By: Rebecca Miller

“Our residents have come to expect this service and they have been really good to us this year, and very understanding, so we need to do something about a Leaf Vac,” Genna Biddix, Village Administrator said to Council at the Fayette Village Council meeting on November 11, 2020.

Biddix explained that it had been the plan for Fayette to borrow a leaf vac from another village, but that fell through and the one that Fayette has keeps breaking down. They have saved up some money toward it and she requested that they move enough to the fund to make $65,000 available for a purchase of a used or new leaf vac.

A company from Indianapolis planned to drive a 2002 used one up for them to try out on Friday, November 13 and she requested that council give her the freedom to purchase it if they feel it is good enough. It is a commercial grade, runs on diesel, and has a 25 yard trailer and they are asking $35,000 for it. Otherwise, she recommended the purchase of a new one.

There was quite a bit of discussion, after which council gave Utilities Superintendent Zach Lester and Biddix the go ahead to purchase what they feel is best for the town.

Jack Grewal was present at the meeting to ask council to approve a motion that would allow him to sell liquor at the convenience store style business that he is opening at the previous R&H restaurant. Council voted to pass “a motion for transfer of a liquor license”, which means he can bring his C1C2 license from Napoleon to Fayette and sell packaged beer and wine for carryout only.

Council member Rodney Kessler stated, “anything to help a business,” as council discussed whether or not to approve the motion.  Everyone was in favor and the new business, which is keeping the three employees who were there and adding five more, will be allowed to sell liquor. Grewal informed council that they will be having hot foods available for purchase as well as other typical convenience store items.

In other business, council voted to approve minutes for October 28, 2020 regular meeting, for CRA meeting from October 27, Public Safety minutes from November 4 and Governmental Affairs Committee meeting for November 4, 2020.

They voted to table an ordinance establishing revised water and sewer rates till the next meeting; and suspended the rules and passed Resolution 2020-08 “Recommending that funds from the County Coronavirus Relief Distribution fund be utilized to cover costs of Employee Salaries and Benefits of the Fayette Police Department, as public safety employees substantially dedicated to the COVID-19 public health crisis, during the period between March 1, 2020 and December 30, 2020 and declaring an emergency.”

Also passed were the First Reading of Resolution 2020-09 Agreement for Indigent Defense Services with Fulton County Commissioners;  Supplemental Appropriations with rules for readings suspended; and Increase Revenues (third COVID FUNDS) with rules suspended for that as well.

Mayor Dave Borer thanked past present and future veterans for their service. Village Administrator reported that she has moved two items to the completed list, being the Water Capital Improvement Plan and a Worksheet Database for filing with Ohio EPA. Council accepted Mayor’s, Administrator’s and VFO’s reports and passed the payment of bills.

The next meeting is scheduled for November 25, 2020.

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