Hilltop School Oks Deal With West Unity Police For Resource Officer

By: James Pruitt

The Hilltop School Board voted to approve an agreement for a school resource officer from the West Unity Police Department. The cost will range from $33,143.33 to a maximum of $42,000.
The board:
Approved the reduced lunch prices for the school year. Lunch is 40 cents and breakfast is 30 cents. The prices are set by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the state.
Approved agreements with parent driving their kids back and forth to school for $10 a day; IRS mileage rate per mile.
Approved employment of Nancy Myers (eight years’ experience) at $20.31 an hour as On Board Instructor.
Accepted donation of school supplies from the First Presbyterian Church in West Unity and $1,000 for scholarship from the Church Women United Thrift Shop.
Approved graduation for Ashlyn Stiltner
The board went into executive session for 20 minutes.

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