Historic Reflection: 1901 Pulaski Methodist Episcopal

(January 20, 1901, 120 years ago): The Pulaski Methodist Episcopal (now known as United Methodist) Church was dedicated. The Pulaski Methodist Episcopal congregation was organized on October 20, 1838, and is one of Williams County’s oldest congregations. The congregation initially worshipped in members’ homes and in the Pulaski schoolhouse. It is believed the first Pulaski Methodist Episcopal Church, a one-room structure, was constructed at the southeast corner of North and Pearl streets circa 1853. This building was replaced by a brick house of worship constructed on the site of the present church (southeast corner of U.S. Route 127 and County Road G) at a cost of approximately $5,000 that was dedicated on November 1, 1874. About the turn of the century, the building’s foundation gave way and its walls began to spread. The structure was condemned and replaced by the existing wooden frame church, which was dedicated on January 20, 1901. This vintage image of the Pulaski Methodist Episcopal Church is from the Kevin Maynard collection.


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