House Of Prayer Hosts Montpelier Local National Day Of Prayer Observation

Over forty people were in attendance on May 3 as the House of Prayer hosted the Montpelier observation of the National Day of Prayer.

With the praise team of the House of Prayer opening the ceremonies with music, Pastor Benaiah Harris welcomed all in attendance, then introduced Montpelier Mayor Steve Yagelski, who came to the stage to introduce the governmental officials present, and to read an official proclamation in recognition of the National Day of Prayer.

GayLynn Harris of the National Day of Prayer Task Force Committee came to the podium to extend the greetings of the committee, and to introduce the two that were to follow her upon the stage. The first was Joe Rath, who presented a splendid and well received vocal offering of ‘O Divine Redeemer’ by Charles Gounod. Immediately after Rath departed the podium, keynote speaker Amy McCarty of the Bryan Times came to the stage to speak of the role of the media in the society of today.

The remainder of the service was then, as the namesake day implied, dedicated to prayer for various individuals and entities. Beginning with governmental officials from local to federal levels, prayers were offered for members of the military, the media, businesses, the educational system, local churches and congregations, families, and finally, the American people.

The service closed with the attendees joining together in the singing of ‘God Bless America’.

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