Jim Brigle Honored As He Retires From Edon Street Department

Jim Brigle #2 WEBBy: John Winright

Jim Brigle, Edon Ohio Street Department Superintendent Retiring after 30 years of service.

On the crisp cool sunlit afternoon of February 27, 2015 at Village Hall in Edon, Ohio between the times of 2pm and 4 pm, several residents, friends, family and fellow employees gathered together to honor Jim Brigle’s retirement from the position of Street Superintendant for the village.

Jim had held this position for 30 years and will be officially retired on April 1, 2015.

When asked what it was like to spend that many years in one position, Jim answered, “ There were some days that were much more challenging than others, but overall they were mostly good. I always felt that I worked for each and every individual in the village, and wanted to do the best I could for all of them. There is an element of pride in our community that I always felt was important to maintain.”

Of course over that length of time there are some major changes that come to mind. Some that Jim mentioned were the new water tower that was relocated north of Edon. And the installation of the central sewage system.

The development and growth of Walz Park and the surrounding housing developments.

The new school building project entailed much assistance from the village and the administration along with all of the departments within.

The tearing down of the old village hall and relocation to the present location was also a major move. There were many other smaller projects that as a whole helped to make Edon the village that it is today.

Jim just feels honored to have been a part of it all.

So many of us take some things for granted, such as the streets being plowed and cleared of snow all hours of the day and night during winter’s stormy times. Or the streets being swept and cleared of debris on a continuing basis.

Sometimes water lines break and have to be repaired along with many other issues that can’t all be recalled.

Jim Brigle has been there for the folks of Edon on all of these occasions and many more.

He worked under the leadership of 8 different mayors, 8 different town clerks, 7 different water department leaders, and 28 different councilmen over this period.

One has to be pretty diverse and personable to survive that agenda over all these years and Jim Brigle met that challenge.

Mayor Darlene Burkhardt says, “Jim has been an employee for 30 years and has worked with many other employees in the village over that period of time. He always has a story or two to tell and he has always been very enlightening. We wish Jim a long and happy retirement”.

Some other comments floating around the room were:

“I grew up with Jim and the rest of the Brigle family. What a great and fun time”.

“Jim has been an Edon Village employee so long that his sweat is on the original brick streets of the town. Jim will be missed by all”.

Jim is the proud husband of Pat “Siebenaler” Brigle and they have two daughters, Jamie Schaffter and Jacque Radabaugh along with five grandchildren.

When asked about retirement Jim says I just want to enjoy my family, especially the grandchildren.

As a side note, his wife Pat says “I have been married to Jim for 47 years and I am not retiring”.

Another great example of the life of a dedicated rural individual, showing a very positive spirit in the public’s eye.

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