Montpelier’s Winzeler Stamping Celebrates 100 Years

THE EARLY YEARS … Dan “Uncle Dan” Winzeler looks over brass fittings at the original stamping plant in Montpelier, Ohio.

By Ric Armentrout

Mike Winzeler has been with the company for 32 of those years and currently shares the responsibility of various roles with his 3 siblings, but it all started 100 years ago by Dan Winzeler.

Winzeler started in 1919 out of the Ohio Art Company in Bryan, Ohio before moving to Montpelier in 1923. With a little help from his brother Henry and an order to make metal braces for a furniture manufacturer, the company is now 2 plants large and a staple in the community.

“We make parts, that’s what we do”, said Mike Winzeler when asked what Winzeler currently works on today. “We make parts that get assembled into other parts, that end up in some sort of finished product. We’re a contract manufacturer.”You may have noticed the brass fitting on the end of your garden hose this hot July, but didn’t think too much about it. That fitting was made right here in the village with Montpelier hands.

Other products that are made, but may go unseen are parts for diesel class A engines, and steel clamps and brackets for Powers and Son’s. “Our parts aren’t flashy, but they are essential and high quality.” Winzeler employs about 125 people in the community at their two locations, the Coupling and Ferrule division on Main Street and Custom Stamping on Wabash.

Winzeler has had plants in several states over the years, but now has decided to focus on Montpelier with it’s 2 plants. “Probably our biggest concentration right now is focusing on recruiting new employees to replace the ones retiring.” “Ideally, we will bring in people with new ideas and abilities to help us navigate the next 100 years.”

Overall, we’ve had great employees, great customers and a great community, that is very supportive of us. We’re happy to give back where we can and look to continue that in the future. This year Winzeler had the honor to be Grand Marshal in the Bean Days Parade.

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