Multi Area Narcotics Task Force Will Be Cleaning Up

Now that spring is upon us, the Multi Area Narcotics Task Force, along with the Member Agencies, would like to remind the citizens of Northwest Ohio to be aware of the litter that they will be picking up along the roadways in the next few weeks. Many organizations and groups have graciously adopted highways throughout Northwest Ohio and are beginning to pick up this litter. During the past three months the Multi Area Narcotics Task Force removed 23 Methamphetamine labs or dump sites in this area.

The Multi Area Narcotics Task Force is encouraging all persons who are cleaning the roadways to be aware of the dangers involved with these sites which include, but are not limited to, chemical burns, fire, explosions, and respiratory issues. Protective equipment should be used while picking up and items which have been discarded, including gloves and grabber tongs.

If the organization or group finds what they believe to be a meth dump site, they are encouraged to mark the location and call the local law enforcement agency.

With the increase in Heroin use in Northwest Ohio, the MAN Unit is also advising these organizations to be aware of an increase in the use of syringes which are also being discarded along the roadways. These should be handled be an adult using great caution and should be placed in a thick walled plastic container, such as an empty bleach bottle, which then can be discarded in a trash container.

The Multi Area Narcotics Task Force includes: The Defiance County Sheriff’s Office, Fulton County Sheriff’s Office, Putnam County Sheriff’s Office, Williams County Sheriff’s Office, Bryan City Police Department, and the Defiance City Police Department.

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