North Central Award Winners For The First Nine Weeks

Grades 4-6 for the first nine weeks.  Honorees are:  1st row  Brenna White, Kristen Hickman, Gabe Wilson, Larry Spieth,  Joselin Gomez; 2nd row Emilie Eustace, Macie Willson, Ashlyn Helms, Michael Cummins, Eryn Shaw; 3rd row Evalynne Kim, Addison Elser, Izayuh Littin, Hayden Haas, Alisha Bauer














Grades 4-6 for the first nine weeks. Shown with their teachers are award recipients:  Brandon Baker with Lisa Blue, Luke Zuver with Barb Turner, Logan Brown with Barb Waldron, Sidney Bell with Sally Knapp, Joselyne Keller with Suzanne Geis, and Tyler Cheesbro with Daniel Slagle.









Grades 1-3 for the first nine weeks at North Central Elementary School are:  1st row Mireya Cruz, Griffin Cogswell, Conner Patten; 2nd row  Mario Marmolejo, Briana Baker, Kinsley Martin; 3rd row Kassidy Faler, Jessie Lonabarger.

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