North Central’s Knapp Is On Top Of Her Game


These days when you hear so much about the problems with today’s youth, it is refreshing to hear about those who are working hard and proving that they can excel and make a difference in the world. Makayla Knapp is one of those bright spots that Pioneer is proud to call their own.

Though she is only 12 years old, this 7th grader has had some notable accomplishments. She recently found out that she earned a perfect score in math on the state OAA (Ohio Achievement Assessment) test this past spring as a 6th grader.  This is a standard test that all students in the district take at some point. Math is her favorite subject, and she loves working on her accelerated math lessons. The computer program is designed to make each lesson more difficult after the student accomplishes each step, and this is where Makayla comes to life, immersing herself in the challenge.

Athletics are another passion. When she was little, instead of Barbie dolls, she wanted a ball. She has been involved in athletics since she was old enough to join a team, starting with gymnastics and T-ball. Over the years, she has also played softball, basketball, and volleyball. Softball is her favorite, with volleyball a close second, and she excels in each sport. A five-foot shelf in her bedroom that holds her many trophies and awards is a testament to her accomplishments.

Academically, Makayla has earned awards for essays she has written for the AmVets and American Legion, and was granted gifted status in several academic areas. She earns all A’s and a spot on the honor roll each grading period. She has also served as student council president and is a member of S.O.A.R (Students Offering Acceptance & Peace), an organization for students who want to present as positive role models for other students, and who seek to mediate conflicts between classmates.

On top of her many activities, Makayla is active in band and choir, and plays the guitar, saxophone, oboe and piano. She is a member of Betzer Community Church in Pittsford, Michigan.

When asked how she keeps track of her many activities, she said that she just hops in the car whenever her mom tells her to. Mom Sally Knapp, a teacher at North Central, manages Makayla’s busy schedule.

As with all young persons her age, in her spare time she enjoys spending time on the computer, eating, sleeping, and “being happy.”

Makayla attributes her success to the supportive people in her life. “I’m lucky to have the family that I have, the teachers that I’ve had and the school that I have.” She is quick to add that she is also “lucky to have the coaches that I have!”

So what does this young lady want to do when she grows up? She would like to be president of our country. Or perhaps a college sports coach, architect or engineer.

No doubt whatever she decides, Makayla Knapp is someone to watch because her future sure looks bright.


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