Athletic Expansion Program Underway At Evergreen High School

ATHLETIC PLAN … Shown is the current building plan for the Evergreen High School athletic expansion.

By: Jacob Kessler

Construction is currently underway at the Evergreen Highschool that will greatly expand capabilities for the school’s athletic department. The expansion will add 2 new locker rooms, a film room which will be a small auditorium like room with seating, a male and female coaching office and an expansion of the weight room.

Derick Stoup is the Athletic Director at Evergreen and he explained that the project will be a good thing for the school. “We will be able to do more transitional strength and developmental rehab. We will develop a sports medicine outlook of it all. We will focus on more functional strength areas, cardio and will even have a slam ball area and other areas as well,” Derick said.

The project is projected to expand the wall from where it currently is, out by around 15 to 18 feet. It will allow the school to expand from one shared coaches office, and allow for two separate offices for the male and female sports coaches.

Adding in more locker rooms also allows the school to host more post season events. The work will take some time and is split into two phases. Phase one is projected to be complete around December with Phase two being complete sometime in early spring though both could take longer.

The work will take place during this coming school year and will add challenges. “We are going to have to be very flexible this year. The work is going to be done while we are doing our stuff at the same time. But in the end, we look forward to the growth and the continued community support,” Derick said.

The expansion will help to provide multiple new opportunities to the students at Evergreen and the community it serves.

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CONSTRUCTION UNDERWAY … Construction is currently underway at the Evergreen High School. The athletic area is being expanded to provide multiple new services and capabilities to the school’s students.



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