Montpelier Parks & Recreation Board Discusses The Founders Park Project

The Montpelier Parks and Recreation Board held its meeting on Wednesday July 7th at 7pm.

The first order of business was to approve the minutes from the June 2nd meeting as well as to approve the June 30th Financial Statement.

The board then approved the use of the Division II Softball diamond on September 18th for the Taya Beck Fundraiser.

Next the board looked over the monthly Park report submitted by Nick Ramos the Park Supervisor. He reported that the pool pump and pool motor needed repaired in June. It was also reported that the splash pad has been running well and that fence for the splash pad had been finished earlier that day.

Also, the park was busy with ball games in June and there was a lot of mowing and maintaining of the park that had been done.

Afterwards, the board then looked over the monthly report submitted by Recreation Director Sandy Gordon. She reported that June was a busy month with concession stands operating, kid’s activities, gardens and the lunch program.

She also let everyone know that the Tot Ball season is going on with 84 players. There was also an update given for the Bean Days event. The update centered around the kid’s activities that will be present. The event is scheduled for July 16th at Founders Park.

Next, a discussion took place regarding the upcoming Storrer Park basketball court project. The Park Board approved the use of Becker and Scrivens retaining wall block in the project.

The Founders Park project was then discussed. Due to increased cost, the board decided to move ahead with the project without including the shade structure at this time.

Currently, the proposal includes a stage, adding trash bins, bike racks, a bike ifix-it station, a lighted billboard, a drinking fountain, benches, as well as planting areas and sidewalks all to be completed by December 2021.

The board learned that The Habitat Protection Project will not currently move forward with the purchase of a property, as the seller for the property would not come down in price.

The desire to move forward with the gathering of information and to start making plans for the rehabilitation of the municipal pool was then discussed.

The Park board was encouraged to visit other pools throughout Northwest Ohio that had recently been completed to figure out if there were any amenities that they liked.

The board was also made aware that the trail connector project on County Road 13 would be holding a grand opening at some point in the future. The meeting was then adjourned.


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