Pioneer Village Council Approves Ordinances For Several Street Repairs

The Pioneer Village Council held their meeting Monday July 12th at 7:00pm. The council observed the Pledge of Allegiance before calling the meeting to order. The minutes for the special meeting on June 2nd as well as the regular meeting on June 14th were then voted on and approved.

The council then moved to approve the financial report and the payment of the bills. A motion was then made to approve payment for the Pioneer Hometown HDWR invoice for $332.70 which was approved. The council then moved to hear issues from the public.

Barbara Wheeler and Linda Zimmerman were present with concerns regarding the water level at the lake. The village decided to hire Bell Engineering to conduct a study and hopes to have information before the next council meeting.

The council then moved on to the police report. The Kaleb Mclaughlin Ride went well with no incidents. In the fire report there are 73 scouts plus leaders for the safety merit badge program.

In the administrators report the street resurfacing project is complete besides cleaning the drains. A list was provided for things that need to be complete before July 15th for the T & W Parkway Project.

For the Fiscal Officers report, the village will be applying for ARPA which is the Coronavirus local recovery funds. $146,546 should be made available to the village.

In Council reports Connie Salisbury stated that over $500 was received for the Tiffanie 5K for rare cancer research. The mayor then let everyone know of the great turn out they had over the weekend.

The Council then moved to approve ordinances. Ordinance 21-2021 regarding the bid of Fire Safety Services, Inc. for the purchase of equipment for the Pioneer Fire Department.

It authorizes the village administrator to enter into an agreement with them and to sign all documents to effectuate the agreement and declare and emergency. The agreement is for the city to purchase new air tanks for the fire department. The ordinance was passed.

Ordinances 22-2021 all the way through to ordinance 30-2021were also passed. These ordinances allowed a levy assessment for improvements to the following streets, Ash Drive, Beech Drive, East Lynn Street, Hickory Drive, South Elm Street, West Church Street, West First Street, West Lynn Street Drive, and another one for West Lynn Street Drive as well.

These ordinances were each passed on an emergency basis. Ordinance 31-2021 regarding amending appropriations for 2021 was also passed on an emergency basis.

The council then moved to discuss Emergency Resolution 122-2020 regarding accepting the amounts and rates as determined by the budget commission and authorizing the necessary tax levies and certifying them to the county auditor. The resolution was passed on an emergency basis.

Next the council entered an executive session. Upon their return it was revealed that they decided to hire Justin Houk as an electrical lineman. A motion to adjourn was then made and approved.


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