Storms Clear In Time For The Montpelier Church Of Christ Barbecue


By: Anita Thomas

The morning hours of June 18th, 2021 brought a storm to the horizon, but Adam Fox the Pastor of Montpelier Church, was blessed later in the day by sunshine, and clear skies.

The air smelled of home cooked meals, and children laughing and playing. When I sat down with Pastor Adam Fox his message was simple, and to the point. His love for the lord has guided him since the age of eight, and he’s been a full-time Pastor since the age of twenty two.

Pastor Adam wants nothing more than to help, and guide those in their walk with Christ.The Montpelier Church of Christ also helps children with a lunch program held at the Municipal Park from 12.00-12.30 Monday-Friday except holidays, and has another barbecue planned for July 16th, 2021 weather permitting.

If anyone would like to attend the church it is located at 104 W. Jefferson Street, Montpelier, Ohio. Pastor Adam also expressed a need for Elders, and has a facebook live for his Sunday Service @ Montpelier CoC that begins at 10am.

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