Readers Share Their Thoughts On School Make Up Days


If Ohio leadership does not pass adding additional calamity days due to the harsh Winter Weather this year, do you support any of the rumors we have heard are being considered instead of eating into summer break?

(1) Having children attend Saturdays.

(2) Cancelling Spring Break.

(3) Blizzard Bags – taking large homework assignments home to complete.


Heather Pena – When I was little we went a week into June. I don’t think it is a big deal to add some days to the end of the year. They can do Saturdays if they want but I will not send my kids, that is our family time. They already are at school more than they are awake at home & I want to see my children & spend time with them. Adding time to the day is ridiculous too. Elementary kids already have a long enough day.

Michelle Griesinger Neuenschwander – Cancel spring break and any other day that they are suppose to have off. I agree Blizzard bags really won’t do much good if the student is struggling and doesn’t have anyone to help.

Stacia Adams – Montpelier has already done the 3 days of blizzard bags, I will not send my kids to school on Saturdays. There are too many sports, scouts, and other activities that happen on Saturday’s.

Nicole Lynn Kirschenbauer – Edon had already done the 3 blizzard bags. They are going to school February 17 (Presidents’ Day) for makeup calamity day. Spring break is like 4 days this year so they could go those four days.

Tonya Wiyrick – Montpelier has done calamity bags already and I am all for taking spring break away.

Dennis Haldiman – Schools in this country already have about the shortest year of any country. Our school is air conditioned. I believe the answer is self evident.

Sherri Atkinson LeVeck  – our kids already don’t get a spring break so not an option, and homework bags work fine if they know what they are doing and don’t need the teachers help, and if they connect it to the internet or computer, not everyone has those. We have more bad weather coming sounds like so probably more days missed then this spring get into fog problems. Kids will be going to school till Fourth of July, and that not only makes it hard on the students who enjoy the summertime (can’t enjoy this crap weather they are stuck inside for) but it also hurts the parents that want to take vacations and can’t even plan and book because they have no idea when the kids will be out of school. I can see not giving a huge amount of extra days, but pretty sad that they can’t give some. I bet if this massive snow and bad weather affected the areas the Ohio Leadership lives, their children and their summer plans they might think different. just my opinion.

Heather Barton – Blizzard bags are a good idea!

Chris Hall – Spring break is fine with me. Because with homework I cant help him if I dont understand it myself so what good would it do us anyway?

Samuel Ramón – Cancel Spring break and attend Saturdays.

Melissa Altman – Cancel spring break if they have it. My school never had one so I don’t know what they would do.

Sherri Manley Leung  – Blizzard bags don’t work because some of the work is on subjects they haven’t even studied. If they are opposed to taking away spring break then extend the school day by 45 minutes everyone is already there!!

Carolyn Belcher – Bingham spring break.

Alan Kittle – It’s evident that many people responding to this impromptu poll don’t go out of town over Spring Break. I usually don’t either, but there are plenty of people that do take a trip during that week. Many of these people have their travel plans booked, some of them several months in advance. Do you really expect all of these travelers to cancel their plans, which may not be refundable in some cases, because the decision has been made to eliminate Spring Break this year, due to a freakishly horrible winter that reportedly happens once ever 10-20 years? I know this would be an extreme rarity, but how would you like it if you had to miss an extra week of work, because of some abnormal situation came along, and your boss came to you and said, “Sorry, but I’m taking your vacation time away from you, because you have to make up work you lost due to something you had no control over,” especially if you had made plans to be elsewhere at that time? Missing 3-or-4 extra days due to extreme weather will make them any dumber, nor will making these days up make them any smarter.

Michelle McNeely Friesen  – No to Saturday school. Canceling spring break would be okay but so would the blizzard bags.

Crystal Boger – Cancel spring break.

Kathy Cavanaugh – The problem with extending the school year is that most school districts do not have funds in their budgets to do this. I don’t honestly see a problem with canceling some of the upcoming holidays to get the kids back on track. I don’t think the blizzard bags work well for everyone especially if a child has some special needs or needs help.

Angela Vanover-Greek – I agree with canceling spring break and taking away these waiver days and presidents day as well.

Diane Heinze – Cancel spring break.

Jill Dorsey – Saturday school!

Kristy Antoszewski-Winland –  Waueson doesn’t really have a spring break. What’s other alternatives? There may be kids that will not get help with these blizzard bags, and then where are they going to be? LOST when they return to class. Seniors graduate May 25 unless it changes. Football practice starts right after school gets out. It’s a no win situation just like the heat in summer. Let’s deal with it and move on. But our children our the future.

Vaughn Entenman – I think spring break should be gave up and Saturday would be fine. Sports don’t do you any good in life, your education is more importance in life then playing a sport. Now for scouts they do teach you stuff for your life.

Kellie Hausch-Durham  – Hilltop did calamity bags for the days. Spring break being canceled is ok. Saturday school is good. I remember in junior high going to school for a Saturday due to someone calling in bomb threat. I thought Saturday school was cool.

Roger Shirley – Why not go further into the summer, teachers are the only ones it would really affect. The teachers have already been paid for it.

Deb Branham – Cancel spring break.

Carolyn Downing – Cancel spring break.

Amy Havener Layman  – Cancel spring break for sure.

Joan Willenbrink – Spring break is the best choice.

Shirley Owens Hart –  its been quite a while back, but I remember Fairview having a few make up days on Saturdays. Not that big of a deal. I say that’s the way to go. Some schools don’t even have spring break.

Jaimi L. Geren – I think they should cancel spring break or other holidays they are to have off!

Teresa Garrett – Not a fan of Blizzard Bags! Some children need help!

April Firm Mckinney  – Why not add an hr onto school? The kids that are in 4H camp starts the first weekend in June. Yes education is important but with Scouts 4H and all the other stuff that our children do it builds them up and teaches life skills that they need!

Diana Williams Roehrs – Take away spring break President’s day they can make the days they miss that way.

Steven Walkup – Cut into summer.

Becky Fruchey – They should cancel spring break.

Jean Locke – Fayette schools have already done the Blizzard Bags.

Kay Shatzer-Kerr Raypholtz – I remember having to attend a couple Saturday schools when I was in high school in the late 70’s. We had to go to make up for calamity days.

Dave Mock – Cancel spring break…the old timers will tell you that we never had one, and we seemed to survive.

Steve Sanders – I say go till August.


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  1. I realize that some people do go away for Spring break and cancelling it would be a problem but those families can just make up that work for the week. That’s what you do if you take a break any other time during the year. I think as it is the kids have way too many days off for odd and ends as it is.

  2. Personally I think Martin Luther King day and Presidents day should not be scheduled as days off. This would give 2 extra days at the end of the year if needed. This has been a crazy winter here in Northwest Ohio and although I do not like the idea of the kids having to make up all the days they will have to I do think the administration has made VERY wise decisions about cancelling school. I have had to drive to work many of the mornings school was cancelled and I am very thankful my kids were not on school buses. The roads have been horrible. At first I thought the blizzard bags were a great idea but after watching my child start them I thought they were RIDICULOUS the time my child spend trying to make up this work was more than she would have spent in a class room for the entire week, let alone 1 day. Most of her teachers found a reasonable balance but 2 of them went absolutely crazy with the amount of homework in the blizzard bags. As a parent …not worth it, let them make the day up…no way a teacher could teach that material in 1 period!!! As a suggestion though I would also encourage the administration to use 3 hour delays for fog days early in the year. I think the kids missed a day or 2 because of fog. Most of the time a 3 hour delay would be enough for the fog to lift and the kids to be able to attend school, saving those days for winter weather.

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