Stryker Rotary Welcomes Lynn & Sue Miller To Speak Of Missions

Stryker Rotary WEBSolid Rock Ministries sponsored a trip to the Dominican Republic in January of this year. Two of the volunteers taking this trip were Lynn & Sue Miller. They spoke to the Stryker Rotary Club and presented a slide show of pictures taken during the trip.

Solid Rock Ministries has sponsored trips to this location many times over the years, providing assistance for medical needs, education, and construction. Sue assisted with the medical clinics where medical professionals in the group provided the needed services for the Dominican people including surgeries. The medical clinics have needs that go beyond what the medical staff provides, and others in the group help with those services.

Lynn helped on a construction crew building a perimeter fence at the site of what will be a new 50 room complex where medical services will be provided in the future. The site will also provide housing for future volunteers. The volunteers pay their own travel expenses for the trip and other costs, such as supplies, are supported by donations from local communities. Lynn stated that several local churches support this effort. He also thanked the Stryker Rotary for their support of this trip.

Sue has taken multiple trips into this area, and this was Lynn’s second trip. They have every intention of returning again. They adopted a girl from the area many years ago and have watched her grow up and have her own family. Lynn said he has seen notable improvements in the living conditions of the people who live in the area during the span of years he has been involved with this work. They enjoyed the devotions held each evening and family atmosphere of the group who traveled together.


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