The National Weather Service Awards Two Volunteer Observers Of Montpelier



Josh Fritsch and Bill Blakely of the Montpelier, OH Water Treatment Plant have been taking weather observations for the National Weather Service (NWS) since 2002. Precipitation (rainfall, snowfall, snow depth) along with high and low temperatures are recorded each day. They also took river readings on the St. Joseph River in town. Their observations helped to continue weather observations at Montpelier, OH for the National Weather Service since 1891. On June 29 2012 and July 7 2012 they recorded a high of 103 degrees and recorded a high of 100+ on three other days in 2012. On January 16 and 17 2009…they recorded a low temperature of -17 degrees. Back in August 2007 they recorded 12.69 inches of rain. The highest yearly precipitation total they have recorded is 54.55” for the year 2011 and the lowest they have recorded is 28.44” for the year 2002. The snowiest winter they have recorded is 56.3 inches for the season 2007-2008. The highest snowfall total for a month is 25.8 inches for February 2011. The data collected is now able to be ingested daily into each new weather model run along with helping to paint an areal picture of how much rainfall/snowfall has fallen in the area.  The data is also used to build a climatic database of the United States. The NWS thanks both Josh Fritsch and Bill Blakely for their dedication in taking weather observations. The NWS Cooperative Program spans all 50 states…collecting weather observations from numerous volunteer weather observers for the climate database, weather forecasts, and for the protection of life and property.

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