Village Of Montpelier Holds Solar Field Dedication


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SOLAR FIELD DEDICATION … Gathering on the Solar Field on September 26, 2020, in front of panels following the ceremony are Village Manager Jason Rockey, Village Council Members Melissa Ewers and Chris Kannel, EITRE Representatives Christopher McCabe and LIan Niu, Montpelier Mayor Steve Yagelski, Council Member Dan Willis and Police Chief Dan McGee. (PHOTO BY REBECCA MILLER, STAFF)

By: Rebecca Miller

It was a delightfully sunny morning on Saturday, September 26, 2020, a perfect day to ride bikes from the Village Hall to the Solar Field for it’s Dedication Ceremony. Ten Montpelier residents including a couple council members and a number of children, with the youngest rider being five year old Brea Richmond, trekked their way behind Police Chief Dan McGee all the way there on their bicycles.

They were met at the Solar Field by other council members, Mayor Steve Yagelski, two representatives from EITRE (the solar company), more Montpelier residents, Village Manager Jason Rockey and Sandy Gordon who was serving up coffee and breakfast goodies from Kommon Kravings. EITRE Founder, Lian Niu, was giving away solar phone chargers while welcoming everyone to the event.

Mayor Yagelski took the microphone provided and thanked everyone for coming before giving Rockey, Niu and the other EITRE rep, Christopher McCabe opportunities to say a few words to those gathered. Nie said that he was so glad to be there and so happy to be able to work in Ohio.

He has been in the solar industry for twelve years and started EITRE four years ago. “I appreciate partners like Montpelier which is a community that is solutions oriented,” he said, adding that he hopes other towns in Williams County will follow their example and get some solar energy on board. McCabe spoke for a few minutes, ending with, “We LOVE what we do!”

The ten acre solar field on the east end of Montpelier, by the train tracks, produces about three megahertz as compared to the 10.9 megahertz that is produced by the diesel portion of their energy production. Rockey said that it might not seem like much, but it is helping them to bring down the cost of electricity as it goes straight to the village’s generator.

Council member Nathan Thompson asked if it is possible to get some way of sharing information on the village website and McCabe said he will get that together for them so that people can login and check all kinds of information concerning the production from their field.

Mayor Yagelski wrapped up the ceremony before tours were offered, by presenting a Proclamation to Niu and McCabe. The Proclamation Solar Field proclaimed Saturday September 26, 2020 as Renewable Energy day and encouraged everyone to “be good stewards of our precious environment that has been created for all to enjoy.”

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