Village Of West Unity Announces Water/Sewer Bill Relief During COVID-19 Pandemic

Water/Sewer Extension

Mayor Don Leu

Citizens of West Unity, the village will not be shutting off your water for not paying your water/sewer bill for the months of April, May and June. If you’re having difficulties paying your bill due to loss of job or a sickness, in these extraordinary times, the “Village That Cares” will help where we’re able to.

If you’re unable to pay your next water/sewer bill the village will not access you a late fee but we will set up a payment agreement that will help you regain your financial stability.

West Unity may be a small town, but the village will do what we can to help. West Unity landlords, we have not forgotten you. We know that you may be having difficulties obtaining rent due to the state of emergency.

Landlords will not be responsible for water/sewer fees that would have been accessed because we did not shut off the water. From the day it was supposed to be shut off, it will be the village’s job to obtain the fees.

Watch Our Elderly

Also, the village is assembling a list of elderly citizens in the Village of West Unity. These people consist of citizens that don’t get out of the house much, have had an illness, live alone, or have no local family to check up on them.

Any one of these situations may be a concern that needs to be rendered. If you have a concern about someone in the village contact the village office and we’ll put that person on our list.

With this list we will be having someone contact them weekly if possible, to discuss any basic needs or concerns that they may have and if the village could help them somehow.

Our village ministerial Pastor, Dee Custar, will be contacting each person weekly by phone until this emergency is over. The village will see to delivering anything that may be needed that the village could help them with.

To contact the village office, call 419-924-2215.


Don Leu, Mayor


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  1. God bless you .why can all towns be this nice.

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