Week Of April 29th, 2020



•Fountain City Ice House. Warrants. Called advised person was kicked out apartment and was standing in front of the Ice House with possible warrants.
•Plaza motel. Trespass. The manager of Plaza Motel called to request the occupant of the room to be removed from the property after being kicked out of the Colonial Manor and M&D Suburban Motel the day before.
•Frankie’s restaurant. Injury accident. Report taken.
•1215 S Main St. Trespass. Kayleen Justinger was arrested for trespassing and released.
•Eric’s Ice Cream. Assist civilian. Officer advised driver that their blue PT Cruiser would remain parked until removed.
•215 W Bryan St. Disturb peace. Report of disturb peace.
•Old Town Buffet. Traffic stop. Stacy Hasch and Samantha Fulmer were warned for trespass.
•Hookah Lounge. Assist civilian. Request to speak with officer; gave advice.

•Wal-Mart. Shoplifting. Report of shoplifting; unable to locate.
•Wal-Mart. Shoplifting. Report of shoplifting; adult arrested.
•US 6/County Road 16. Crew. Barn intentionally being burned down.
•Sarah’s House. Assist civilian. Request officer to keep the peace.
•Butler St/Main St. Warrant. Warrant service; unable to locate person.
•Wal-Mart. Shoplifting. Report of shoplifting; arrest made.
•Hookah Lounge. Harassment. Complainant requested to speak with officer.
•Fabricare Car Wash. Larceny. Complainant requested to speak with officer.
•522 W Bryan St. Assist civilian. Complainant requested to speak with officer.
•516 E Perry St. Family-domestic violence. Complainant requested to speak with officer; arrest made.
•1003 Cardinal Dr. Assist civilian. Request to speak with officer.
•Meadow Creek Apartments. Assist civilian. Complainant requested to speak with officer.
•133 Roland St. Assist civilian. Complainant requested to speak with officer; report taken.
•Arby’s. DWI-OVI. Complainant requested to speak with officer; arrest made.
•Wal-Mart. Larceny. Complainant requested to speak with officer; report taken.

•Amtrak station. Hazardous condition. Report of wire hanging; no wire down. Complainant saw reflective tape and thought it was sparks.
•County Road F/County Road 15. Accident-roll over.
•Arby’s. Assist civilian. Complainant requested to speak with officer.
•SKLD. 911 hang-up. Unable to locate caller.
•604 E Butler St. Larceny. Complainant requested to speak with officer.
•O’Reilly Auto Parts. Suspicious auto. Complainant requested to speak with officer; no vehicle located.
•200 E High St. Hazardous condition. Item in roadway; removed from roadway.
•611 Oxford Dr. 911 hang-up. Report of accidental 911 dial.
•Shawnee salon. Non-injury accident. Report accident; citation issued for improper backing.
•325 N Garden St. Harassment. Report harassment; report taken.

•605 S Main St. Assist civilian. Keep the peace.
•CVS. 911 hang-up.
•310 N Walnut St. Report of smoke showing on side of garage.
•Bryan Community Apartments. Forgery. Report taken.
•416 E Butler St. Dog complaints. Report of dog fight; report taken.
•West Bryan Main Stop. Failure to pay. Report of drive-off.
•Artistik Ink. Assist other department. Williams County Sheriffs Office request officers to make contact with person.

•High St/Garden St. Hazardous condition. Removing debris from the roadway.
•Fountain Park Assisted Living. Property damage. Report of resident broke a window.
•Garden St/Mulberry St. Disturb peace. Report person revving engine; advised of complaint.
•Bryan St/Allen St. Hazardous condition. Removed branches from roadway.
•State Route 34/County Road 18. Report of transformer sparking; crew in service.
•Allen St/Perry St. Suspicious person. Report of suspicious behavior
•439 E Maple St. Assist civilian. Report of checkbook missing.
•101 Union Place Dr. Juvenile complaint. Report of juveniles in the back yard who do not belong there
•516 E Perry St. Assist other department. Request an officer assist Job & Family Services.
•Oakwood Ave/Townline Rd. Assist civilian. Officer being flagged down by a male subject; unable to locate person.
•Spangler Candy Company. Assist civilian. Request to talk with officer.
•Chief Supermarket. Property damage. Report a handicap post was broken.
•519 Olive Dr. Assist civilian. Civilian assist; advice given.
•McDonald Ruff Ice Arena. Assist civilian. Report a vehicle was stuck in the grass.

•Cardinal St/Portland St. Traffic stop. Warning issued; failure to display registration.
•409 E Bryan St. Harassment. Report of telecommunication harassment; civil matter.
•515 E Bryan St. Junk vehicles. Report of junk vehicle; report taken.
•124 N Myers St. Junk vehicles. Report of junk vehicle and refuse; report taken.
•300 N Main St. Non-injury accident. Report taken.
•Wal-Mart. Shoplifting. Report of shoplifting; report taken.
•1215 S Main St. Assist civilian. Brandon John was charged with shoplifting.
•120 W High St. Assist civilian. Request to talk with officer; gave advice.
209 E Perry St. Disturb peace. Report of two people arguing on the front lawn. Daniel Ordway was warned for disorderly conduct.
•1215 S Main St. Trespassing. Report taken for trespassing.

•403 N Cherry St. 911 hang-up. Report of 911 hang-up.
•321 N Lynn St. Property damage. Report of slashed tires.
•Amtrak station. Suspicious auto. Checked on vehicle that person states have been here for 2 months.
•321 N Lynn St. Warrant. Warrant check; unable to locate.
•121 N Emmet St. Assist other department. Request officer; arrest made.


•288 E. Linfoot St., 911 Hang Up Contact In Person
•402 Cherry St., Suspicious Person
•1205 N. Shoop Ave., Funeral Escort
•485 E. Airport Hwy., Department Info
•100-B N. Shoop Ave., Welfare Check
•200-B Vine St., Suicidal Threats
•404 N. Fulton St., Fight

•1120 N. Shoop Ave. Unit 17, Suicide Attempted
•627 Vine St., Suspicious Person
•1009 Cherokee Dr., Welfare Check
•840 W. Elm St. Unit 303, Welfare Check
•404 N. Fulton St., Domestic Violence

•1285 N. Shoop Ave. Unit 23, Loud Noise
•118 E. Hickory St., Telephone Harassment
•100-B Hickory St., Suspicious Vehicle
•1250 N. Shoop Ave., Alarm Drop
•121 E. Chestnut St., Illegal Dumping
•1265 N. Shoop Ave., Suspicious Vehicle
• 619 Beech St., Welfare Check

•635 Spruce St., Animal Call
•129 N. Fulton St., Investigate Complaint
•725 S. Shoop Ave., Investigate Complaint
•248 N. Fulton St., Welfare Check

•1170 N. Shoop Ave. Unit 25, Juveniles
•825 Spruce St., 911 Hang Up Contact In Person
•508 Third St., Animal Call
•132 Chestnut St., Trespassing
•1170 N. Shoop Ave. Unit 61, Accidental Overdose
•429 Indian Rd., Animal Call
•00 E. Oak St., Threats/Harassment
•230 Clinton St., Found Cell Phone
•840 W. Elm St. Unit 1300, Suspicious Vehicle
•138 E. Chestnut St., Open Burn
•227 Sycamore St., Accidental Overdose

•Clover Lane, Loud Noise
•303 W. Leggett St., Larceny
•249 W. Elm St., Low Hanging Cable Lines
•1005 Old Orchard Dr., Threats/Harassment

•1299 N. Shoop Ave., Alarm Drop
•810 N. Shoop Ave., Civil Matter
•Monroe St.@W. Oak St., Accident (Property Damage)
•650 Lawrence Ave. Unit 312, 911 Hang Up Contact In Person
•140 W. Leggett St., Welfare Check


•Suspicious Vehicle

•Disorderly Conduct
•Agency Assist

•Found Property Damage
•Fail To Obey Traffic Control Device/Warning

•Medical Emergency
•Extra Patrol

•Suspicious Vehicle
•Medical Emergency

Well-Being Check

•Speed/Citation (2)

•Improper Turn/Warning

The following individuals were sentenced in the Fulton County Common Pleas Court according to county prosecutor Scott A. Haselman.
•Brandy Bowers, 24, of Conneaut, Ohio previously pleaded guilty to Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle. She did knowingly use or operate a motor vehicle without the consent of the owner.

Judge Jeffrey L. Robinson sentenced Ms. Bowers to 2 years of community control and ordered her to pay prosecution costs and court appointed attorney fees, pay restitution of $250 to the victim, stay out of bars/taverns, not possess or consume alcohol, abide by an 11:00 p.m. to 5:00 am. curfew, and complete a drug/alcohol assessment, and successfully complete any recommended treatment.

Failure to comply could result in Ms. Bowers spending 180 days in CCNO.

•Sabin, Erica L (Montpelier, OH) Storage of trash. Fine: $100 with $50 suspended. Costs: $85. Defendant shall remove the vehicle from property within 30 days.

•Athy, Robin L (Stryker, OH) Unsecure load. Fine: $71. Costs: $79.
•Massey, William D (West Unity, OH) Violation of restriction. Fine: $500. Costs: $177. Operator’s license suspended until 10/18/2020. Wrong plate. $75. Costs: $40.
•Scribner, Richard (West Unity, OH) Speed. Fine: $71. Costs: $79.

•Lane, Brett M (Neopolis, OH) DUI. Fine: $575. Costs: $85. Jail time: 10 days. Operator’s license suspended until 12/4/2020. 2 years license suspension, report probation, also be assessed and complete any after care, rest. Plates and ignition interlock, tad, can be resent to 170 days or $1,050.00 fine, no violation until 4/1/2024.


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