Williams County Commissioners Proclaim March Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month

PROCLAMATION CELEBRATION … Jovially joining together on the stairwell of the second floor of the Williams County Courthouse, to celebrate a yearly proclamation was a group including the Williams County Commissioners, WC Board of Developmental Disabilities staff members, families and caregivers with their loved ones who benefit from this. The Proclamation was approved at the Commissioners meeting on March 1, 2021. Present for the 2021 photo are from back to front and left to right, (relatively) Commissioner Terry Rummel, Chris Traxler, DD Staff member Rerri Aschemeier; Commissioner Lew Hilkert, DD Staff members Diane Parrott, Joan Miller and Lindsey Ames; DD Staff Jodi Martinez, five members of the Nagy family, Ashley Hendress, DD Staff Tara Ames; Commissioner Brian Davis holding the Proclamation with Board of DD Superintendent Jennifer Basselman, Brittany Appel with her son Gavin in front of her, Mark Short with Sarah McCord behind him, Heidi Hull with Merrilee Salsberry and Kaylie Wagner behind her. (PHOTO BY REBECCA MILLER, STAFF)

By: Rebecca Miller

During the Monday morning, March 1, 2021 Williams County Commissioners meeting, the Commissioners approved a Proclamation for the Board of Developmental Disabilities, proclaiming March 2021 as Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month and recognizing the week of March 1, 2021 as Developmental Disabilities Advocacy week.

Present for the signing were Williams County Board of DD Superintendent Jennifer Basselman along with with Board member Dick Brace. Following the morning sessions, the commissioners met with a large group to celebrate the proclamation with a picture on the second floor staircase of the Courthouse.

WC Board of DD Community Education Consultant Savanna Weber shared for print, “March is Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month.

Williams County Board of Developmental Disabilities (WCBDD) is encouraging the community to celebrate the many contributions of people with developmental disabilities.

WCBDD also seeks to raise awareness about the inclusion of all people in all facets of community life. Follow WCBDD on Facebook for local stories promoting community connections and inclusion during this month-long campaign.”

In other business, the commissioners approved:

•Resolution 83 Entering into a Purchase agreement on behalf of WC Engineer

•Resolution 84 Entering into a IV-E Contract on behalf of Job and Family Services

•Resolution 85 Entering into a IV-E Contract on behalf of Job and Family Services

•Resolution 86 In the matter of Single County Ditch #741 Petitioned for by John Altman. Dismiss petition after first hearing.

•Resolution 87 Entering into a IV-E Contract on behalf of Clerk of Courts

•Resolution 88 Entering into a Watercraft Agent Agreement on behalf of Clerk of Courts ( Commissioner Terry Rummel thanked Kim Herman for providing this service for residents.)

•Resolution 89 Entering into a CDBG Program Year 2020 Residential Public Infrastructure Program Grant Agreement to assist with construction of a wastewater treatment plant and collection lines for Census Designated Place of Kunkle

•Also signed were: Notice of Award for Project #7-2020-Kunkle Wastewater System Improvements, Division A and Project #8-2020-Kunkle Wastewater System Improvements, Division B; Job Certification Summary – PTC Enterprises, Inc; Credit Card appropriations for Recorder’s Office March 2021; Dog Warden Report week of February 15-21, 2021; and the Proclamation for Board of DD.

•Payment of bills and minutes for last meeting

Back in session at 11 a.m., the Commissioners held the Bid Opening Project #4-2021, Asphalt Emulsion. Dan Clum from the WC Engineer’s office opened the two bids, which came from K-Tech Specialty Coatings (the Link Group) and Asphalt Materials Bid Bond Continental Casualty Company.
With nothing further the meeting adjourned and Commissioners went to participate in the Proclamation Celebration.

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