Williams County Sheriff Deputies Involved In Standoff After Responding To Domestic Situation At Nettle Lake


The Williams County Sheriff’s Office was called to a domestic dispute a 116 Biscayne Ave. in Nettle Lake on Sunday, October 20th at 4:00am. Deputies made contact with David Ruetz who had left the residence where he lives with Diana Galla.

He advised deputies that there had been a physical domestic dispute at the residence. After talking to Mr. Ruetz, the responding deputy went to the residence and when trying to speak with Ms. Galla she came out of the bedroom and advised that she would shoot anyone who attempted to come in.

Deputies proceeded to establish a perimeter around the residence and put EMS medics on standby a few hundred yards away. Deputies then requested Sheriff Steve Towns to be called to the scene and also requested the office robot be brought to the scene.

Upon the arrival of Sheriff Towns, a cell phone was taken into the residence by the robot in an attempt to establish better contact with Ms. Galla, who continued to not open the door and continued to yell threats to officers and herself.

Officers continued to attempt communication with Ms. Galla until approximately 7:30am when officers heard what sounded like a muffled gunshot. With the assistance of the County Robot and tactical equipment, deputies were able to quickly enter the bedroom, secure two 9mm handguns, and render aid to Ms. Galla, who had a self-inflicted gunshot wound, until medics quickly responded from their staging area.

She was transported by medics to a landing zone where she was picked up by the Parkview Air Ambulance and was taken to Parkview Hospital in Fort Wayne.

Her condition is unknown at this time. Mr. Ruetz is being charged with Domestic Violence while the investigation continues.


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  1. Thank you to the police and stand-bye Medics who got her safely to a hospital!??


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