Williams County Sheriff Kochert Informs Commissioners Badge #8605 Will Not Be Reassigned To Honor Mick Frisbie


By: Rebecca Miller

The March 8, 2021 meeting of the Williams County Commissioners was very short and items approved included:

•Resolution 94 Supplemental appropriations on behalf of WC Commissioners and Hillside Country Living

•Resolution 95 Appointment of Todd Roth and Alternate Dan Clum to the District 5 Integrating Committee

•Resolution 96 Establishing and updating Fee Schedule for Public Defender for Williams County, Ohio

•Resolution 97 Certificate of Appointment of a member (Patti Rockey) to the Williams County Housing Authority

•Resolution 98 Authorize and Direct the president of the Board of Commissioners to approve a general agreement of indemnity for the Kunkle Sewer Lagoon Project

•Also signed: Kunkle DMR Submittal of Authority; Hiring of T. Valentine as Tele-communicator in training; Position description for Kyle Brigle, EMS Chief

With nothing further, the meeting adjourned. The Thursday morning, March 11, 2021 meeting was much more eventful, including a long report from Sheriff Tom Kochert, an update from Commissioner Brian Davis on the MARC’s Tower, an Executive Session, passage of a number of resolutions, the signing of a list of other items, approval of minutes and payment of bills, as well as a list of 2020 Project updates for clerk Anne Retcher.

The commissioners also discussed the creation of the 2021 Project list, and asked Retcher to do some research immediately into a company in Toledo who might be able to come and get the deteriorating plaster on the 4th floor of the courthouse taken care of soon.

Sheriff Kochert began his presentation to the commissioners at 8:58 a.m., covering the following topics:

1. Four Year Plan for the WC Sheriff’s Office – Kochert said he is working on this and it will include personnel, vehicles, etc. Commissioner Brian Davis recommended that once it is complete, he should have the Prosecutor look at it to “see if there is anything that really needs to be held in Executive Session for security of employment reasons.” Davis also said they would be “more than open to review your vision for the next four years for your department.”

2. Requests for the four-year plan – Commissioner Terry Rummel asked that a Vehicle Mileage log be included, and Kochert responded that he is already on top of that. “I took all of the Vehicle Maintenance logs and the data that we were able to collect from three or four different sources,” Kochert said, “and compiled all of that and I have that in a rolodex form which was given to Sgt. Shuping.

He is now my car guy so he will have all of that data available at any time you want to see the mileage of any vehicle.” He further explained that he has created a system for assigning the vehicles that will maintain a rotation based on mileage instead of seniority.

3. Badge Number System – There have been some gaps in the Badge numbering system so he has “tightened that up.” Out of respect for Deputy Mick Frisbie, there was a general consensus that his number, #8605, will not be assigned. (From an article written in August 2019, and published in this paper, covering the Mick Frisbie Walk/Run –

“Frisbie died tragically on May 24, 2019, at just 50 years old. He had been active in law enforcement for 18 years, having started his service with the Stryker Police Department in 2000, working with them for a few months while they sponsored him through the Police Academy.

In October 2001 he joined the Williams County Sheriff’s Department and was still active, as a Deputy Sheriff, up until the time of his death.”). Dispatch has been updated with all the correct information

4. Other changes – The plates have been changed; all the keys are switched with Engineer Todd Roth, so that everyone’s keys work with their new numbers. Roth removed the mileage requirement, so now the chutes just enter their badge number and the gas pump will work for them. He has chosen not to change what comes up on the UHF Radio as they are switching to the MARCS system soon.

5. Savings – “We were able to save a tremendous amount of money,” Kochert said. He went on to explain that CCW (conceal carry weapons) windows were needed for the front window in the office, as protection for those who are there to register.

They were able to remove and clean one of the windows and reinstall it, and purchase a transaction window with the wells in it for just under $200. A new finger print pad and camera were installed also. The estimate for the work done was between $5500 and $6000 and they were able to do it for under $200.

Facilities manager, Gene Woodring, was able to install some wall wiring in the Sheriff’s office. Two of the new workstations have been set up so there are now four workable workstations in the Squad Room and two are scheduled for next week in the Montpelier substation, helping with response times.

6. Job and Family Services Deputy – Matt Zook has been assigned and started on March 1, 2021. They are working out any kinks in the plans as they go, but he assured them that the “position was designed with a measure of elasticity in it anyway.”

7. MARCS tower – Commissioner Brian Davis shared that a pre-construction meeting was held and the plan is to start after some “anticipated weather.” “Once they begin the process then contactually it is 120 days until completion,” Davis said. It should be operational in August.

8. Spring Cleaning – Three separate spread sheets of stuff that needs to be thrown away from the physical office, the substation and computer hard drives have been given to the commissioner’s office.

Jeremy Suffel, from IT, has the hard drives, and the frames will be thrown away. The Garage is in for a huge clean up and the city of Bryan is bringing in a forklift to move the pallet of MARCS radios and equipment while they clean, and then place it where needed after the cleaning.

He said he has more things that need to go on GovDeals such as old patrol lights and other times “with absolutely no value to the agency.” He also requested that he be allowed to put the old Ambulance/Command vehicle on GovDeals as it is no longer needed.

“With our Tristate agreement with Steuben, DeKalb and Hillsdale Counties, if we need a vehicle of that caliber, they have shown a willingness to bring theirs down and park it wherever I need them.”

They look like a Class A Motorhome and would fulfill any need I would have.” Commissioner Rummel asked about the Hummer they put on GovDeals.

Commissioner Davis said it didn’t sell as the highest bidder couldn’t get funding. It is already back on and calls are coming in for that. Davis said it is cup to $16,000 presently.

9. Prosecutor Walk Through – WC Prosecutor Katie Zartman, along with the two Evidence Techs, Sgt. Shuping and Collard, did a walk through of the office together. (Kochert pointed out he did not accompany them in the Evidence Room as he believes it is wise management for him not to go in that room.

He does not have a key or fob to open it). They walked through the garage and sally port to check if there was anything that needs a court order to be thrown out or sold.

10. Invitation to September Training – Kochert invited the commissioners to come participate as “bad guys” during a training in September. “I am looking for ‘bad guys’ that are not law enforcement…so they are not thinking like a law enforcement officer.

I want them thinking like a normal person that my deputies would stop.” Rummel threw in, “like a criminal.” Following some laughter Kochert told them they are more than welcome and he thinks it would be fun.

After his report finished at 9:20, the commissioners went into an Executive Session to consider discipline, and were back in regular session at 10:29 with no action taken. Following a short recess the commissioners voted to approve:

• Resolution 99 Supplemental Appropriations on behalf of WC Department of Aging and the Sheriff’s office

• Resolution 100 Authorizing a vehicle proposal for a 2021 Ford F350 Cab and Chassis from Bryan Ford Lincoln on behalf of Williams County Engineer

• Resolution 101 Entering into PY2020 Target of Opportunity Program CARES Act – CDBG Grant Funding between the Ohio Development Services Agency in an amount of $198,100 on behalf of MVPO

• Resolution 102 Approving quote to purchase three Lenovo ThinkPad computers on behalf of WC EMA at a cost not to exceed $3660

• Also signed: Permit #21-001 to work within County/Township Road Right of Way; Change Order #1 for Project #2-2021 Williams County Tower; Travel request for Gene Woodring to visit Hardin County; Permit for Use of County Property by Amy Miller, Bryan Area Foundation to place a Williams County High Five to Thrive banner on the Courthouse Lawn; Request for pay from MVPO; Credit Card Appropriation for April from Sheriff’s office; Department of Aging submitted a resignation and new hire; Sheriff’s office three spread sheets of items to be disposed; and TCAP Grant Requirement Acceptance Letter.

At that point in the meeting, Clerk Anne Retcher asked the commissioners for updates on the following 2020 Projects: MARCS Tower, Dispatch Radio Consoles/Recorder and Net Clock – Spillman CAD upgrade; Hillside Fiber Project; new Phone System; East Annex Camera and Updated Access Control; and Opdyke Land Purchase.

Following their information on each project she asked if they want to create a 2021 Project list.

They began with Courthouse Window Replacement; Finishing IT projects that are started while moving forward; Badge System; the plastering of the fourth floor in the courthouse and repairs in the Maintenance room to the ceiling tiles.

The meeting adjourned at 10:50 a.m., with no further business.

Rebecca can be reached at publisher@thevillagereporter.com


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