Delta Village Council Discusses Sale Of Properties

Mayor Bob Gilbert called the meeting to order on November 16, 2020 with all six council members present, as well as Clerk of Council Stephanie Mossing, Village administrator Brad Peebles and Attorney Kevin Heban. Pastor Chuck Whitmier from Shiloh Church opened in prayer following the Pledge of Allegiance.  Council voted to approve the agenda, and the minutes of the previous meeting.

Peebles shared some information on the reason for Tipping Fees for solid waste. He explained that this has been done since the early 1990’s and is built into the fees that the town pays for their waste to be disposed of at the landfill. Eventually all the tipping fees will pay for it to be covered when it is needed.

He also reported that as the old water plant was being demolished, an electric line was severed because it was not where the plans said that it was. “It is an expensive project and we are currently getting that remedied,” he said. In answer to council questions he further explained that when the original contractor did the job, it was put in the plan that the wire was going around the tank but in actuality they put it over the top of the tank. He views it as “negligence on the part of the contractor” so he is hoping the contractor will have to cover the approximate $23,000 it is going to cost to repair.

Council member Tony Dawson asked about the properties that the village had up for bids and Peebles answered that The Open Door has proposed some language modifications and want it in writing that the village will agree to a parking lot on that property. “We couldn’t just do that so we are in negotiations with their attorney, Collin McQuade.

Council had some discussion about this, with the request that it come back to council if there is a language change to be made.  Concerning the other property, vacant land adjacent to the Waste Water Facility , “The only individual who placed a bid, Gary Russell, wants some repairs done and we told them it will cost us more for the repairs than the property is worth so he has not agreed to the sale yet, either.

In answer to a question, Peebles said that on Jefferson St. the issue is that years ago there was a storm tile and over time it has all washed away and needs quite some repair. “For the price we are asking, we should not incur those costs.” In the future, if it is not sold, the village might have to repair it.

Council member Dawson also asked about the possibility of doing a Sign on Bonus to hire a police officer. Peebles said they have spoken about that and actually offered that as an incentive to one person. They did not take the job for other reasons, but the incentive is there. It was discussed that they need to draft some language so that this does not become standard procedure in the future, but is used just presently due to the need.

In Old Business, council voted to approve:

  • Resolution 20-23 Third Reading A resolution establishing a panel of individuals to serve as the Review Agency for Emergency contingency plan as well as drinking water source protection plan dealing with the village water treatment operations as required by Ohio EPA
  • Ordinance 20-30 Second Reading with emergency provisions (to be passed on third reading)An ordinance adopting the appropriations budget for the Village of Delta for 2021
  • Ordinance 20-31 Second Reading An ordinance establishing salaries and wages for full time employees of the Village of Delta, Ohio
  • Ordinance 2-32 Second Reading An ordinance authorizing the Village Administrator to dispose of certain surplus property not needed for any municipal purpose
  • Ordinance 20-33 Second Reading An ordinance providing for the compensation of part time and seasonal employees of the Village of Delta, Ohio

In New Business, council voted to approve:

  • Resolution 20-24 First Reading with Emergency Provisions A resolution authorizing the village administrator to execute an amendment to the agreement for Indigent Defense Services in Fulton County Court Proceeding and declaring an emergency
  • Ordinance 20-34 First Reading with Emergency Provisions An ordinance to supplement ordinance 19-15 to make supplemental appropriations for the current expenses of the Village of Delta for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2020 and declaring an emergency
  • Ordinance 20-35 First Reading An ordinance to increase the water services Tap Fees for the Village of Delta amending section 931.13 of the codified ordinances
  • Ordinance 20-36 First Reading An ordinance to modify and adjust the sanitary sewer connection fees for the Village of Delta amending section 921.03 of the codified ordinances
  • Payment of invoices


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