Delta’s MetalX Releases Statement Concerning Large Ongoing Fire


PRESS RELEASE – DELTA, Ohio (September 10, 2019): MetalX LLC reported that a fire was detected at its Delta Ohio facility shortly after 6 p.m. yesterday evening by company employees who immediately enacted emergency protocols, including alerting local fire authorities. While the cause of the fire has yet to be determined, it developed in a pile of scrap metal feedstock at the shredder infeed. Typical shredder feedstock is comprised of mixed sheet metal and unprepared steel, crushed autos, light demolition scrap, and compacted appliances. Shredder feedstock is approximately 80% recyclable metal with the remaining 20% being nonmetallic, some of which can be combustible under certain circumstances.

Firefighters from multiple fire departments from several regional counties were called to the scene to work alongside company crews who are trained to use material handling equipment to help move or separate the material to minimize the effects of the fire. No injuries have occurred, and there was no property damage or loss. According to press reports, two firefighters were treated for heat exhaustion while fighting the fire last evening.

While some portions of the fire are ongoing, the company’s response team continues to work closely with first responders and with regulatory agencies to ensure that the fire can be fully extinguished as quickly as possible. Even though no hazardous materials are accepted at the site, company protocol includes working with regulatory agencies to conduct air quality testing in an effort to prevent any impact on human or animal health.

The MetalX Delta facility was designed and constructed with an onsite reservoir that contains approximately 6 million gallons of water. The primary function of the reservoir is to provide a continuous water source for fighting fires. There are 3 dedicated fire access intake points as well as direct reservoir access for fire trucks. The facility was designed in such a way that as water is pumped out, it returns to the reservoir as run off and is recirculated for ongoing firefighting activities, as a closed loop system that prevents the water from leaving the site. The MetalX facility also has deep well capacity to refill the reservoir during a fire event as well as a dedicated water distribution system around the shredder that draws water from the reservoir to assist with extinguishing the fire and to protect personnel and machinery.

MetalX CEO Danny Rifkin said, “While this is truly an unfortunate event, we are most relieved that no one was hurt and that there is no impact on the health of our employees or the community. We are grateful for the tireless efforts of the firefighters from the surrounding area that came to our aid, as well as the support from the Village and the County during this event. We particularly want to recognize our own team, many of whom have been on site since the fire was detected, and who have responded calmly and effectively as the situation has unfolded.”

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