First Female In Williams County To Achieve Eagle Scout Rank

CONGRATULATIONS … Ashtyn Wiyrick, who is headed to becoming the very FIRST girl Eagle Scout in Northwest Ohio stands proudly beside one of the Trash Recepticles on the St. Joe Trail in Montpelier. She built three of them as her Eagle Scout Project and they are placed and ready for use. (Photo Courtesy of Tonya Wiyrick)

By: Rebecca Miller

It is always a great achievement to become an Eagle Scout and many important people in the history of America have done so, but for 2020 Montpelier High School graduate, Ashtyn Wiyrick, it only became a possibility two years ago.

Ashtyn, a nineteen year old young lady from Montpelier, Ohio, was raised in a Boy Scout family. She says she has been involved with Boy Scouts practically since the day she was born.

Her older brother Zach Gorsuch, who is now 26 years old, joined Cub Scouts at the age of seven and went all the way through Boy Scouts, including Eagle and being chosen for the Order of the Arrow ( a level of scouting if nominated by your troop as an outstanding scout), as did her other brother, 21 year old Justin Wiyrick.

Ashtyn’s mother, Tonya Wiyrick explained in a phone interview conducted with the two of them, that the family has been involved in Scouting for years “as it is a great organization that teaches kids a lot.”

They started out in the Montpelier Troop, but when they heard that there were boys in West Unity who wanted a Troop, Tonya’s husband Brad Wiyrick, who had also been an Eagle Scout and is in The Order of the Arrow, became Scoutmaster of West Unity Troop #669 in 2015.

Tonya is the Cub Master of Cub Scout Pack #669. Ashtyn was 13 years old at the time they began and got involved with everything.

When asked if she ever thought of joining Girl Scouts, Ashtyn said that she did check into it but that “what they did at the time was not what I was interested in.” Two years ago in 2019, Boy Scouts of America decided to welcome girls into the Boy Scouts.

Sarah Perez started an all girls Troop (#29G) in Edgerton, as a Troop has to be either all girls or all boys for camping purposes. Senior District Executive, Erika Dutcher, went by the Wiyrick home and informed Tonya of the Troop in Edgerton. Ashtyn was thrilled and joined Troop #29G immediately.

With only two years before she would “age out” of scouts, she took off running, going through all the ranks – Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class, Star, Life and finally she is ready to be tested to be granted her Eagle Scout rank. She completed her Live Rank on January 20, 2021. During that time, she has been working on her Eagle Project.

Ashtyn explained that one must spend at least four months in First Class, six months in Star and six months in Life before earning the Eagle rank, during which one can work on their Eagle project.

While trying to choose a project on which to work, Ashtyn spoke with Sandy Gordan, head of Montpelier Parks and Recreation, as well as Montpelier Village Council member Nate Thompson who is on the committee for the Revitalization of the St. Joe River Trail. They pointed out to her that Trash Receptacles are needed on the trail.

Ashtyn has built, with the help of her family, three wooden trash can holders for the trail. The Village of Montpelier donated an account at Pelz Lumber for her to get all the supplies she needed.

The three trash receptacles have easy access doors that swing open in order to remove and empty the plastic trash cans inside. They have been placed at the very beginning of the trail behind the Montpelier Senior Center, at the end of Platt St. a little off the trail, and next to the Fairgrounds at the end of the trail.

Presently there are six or seven members in Troop #29G, but Ashtyn says she is unaware if any other girls in the area are working on becoming Eagle Scouts at this time. “I was told by the Council that I am the first girl Eagle Scout in Northwest Ohio,” she shared.

The council is very excited and has asked her to make a video for them to share with other girls to show them the opportunities available for them in the Boy Scouts of America. Once she turns 21 years old, if she so chooses she can become a Scout Master.

Her brothers are still involved with scouting but as they have been in college and are quite busy they have not chosen to become Scout Masters yet.

She is scheduled to go before the board around January 31, 2021, to be interviewed about her project. They will ask her favorite part, how did she lead people, what did she struggle with, and what was Eagle Worthy about the project.

She has already sent in her application, but still has to give her book and references to the Eagle board. After acceptance by the Board, her parents will plan and hold a Ceremony where she will be named an Eagle Scout.

Her mother is pretty sure that there will be some important Boy Scouts of America Council members present, as this is “a big deal.” After the Ceremony, Ashtyn Wiyrick plans to be involved for a few more years to earn Bronze, Silver and Gold Leaves.

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