Flock Of Flamingoes Help Raise Cash For Good Cause

flamingoes-webBy: James Pruitt

Capistrano may have the swallows and southern Michigan crows, but Edgerton has become the new later summer home for one flock of Flamingoes.

The pink plastic birds can be found at various front yards in town, but unlike real birds, these creatures can be shooed off after 24 hours for the low price of $10. The money goes in the account of Team Marshall, a Relay for Life entry for next year’s event.

Team Marshall is run by Mandi McClain, who founded in honor of her brother who died two years ago of leukemia. For the 2016 event, she raised $6,270 and hopes to raise a little bit more for 2017.

The Flamingoes have been at 40 homes in the Edgerton area so far and she hopes to stop at another 20 around Thanksgiving. The goal had been 50, but the birds have been such a hit, she is aiming for more.

It appears that people are having fun with the birds, McClain said.

“There have been no problems,” McClain said. “They think it’s a fun idea.

“They like it because they get to choose the next person.”

When the birds arrive McClain leaves a flyer explaining how the birds will stay for 24 hours and a donation is desired. For the most part the victims are not home when the birds arrive, but occasionally McClain gets caught in the act.

“They are surprised if they weren’t at home,” McClain said. “They go with the flow if they are at home.”

She is rarely turned down.

“We have always asked for $10,” McClain said. “We are not allowed to ask for more.”

In addition to the Flamingoes, McClain is planning some other fundraisers.

A biker run is set for Sept. 24 at Edgerton High School. There a band of bikers (at $15 a pop) and passengers ($5 each) will set out for Defiance and work their way to Bryan, Blakeslee, Edon, and Edgerton.

There will be a chicken dinner and music as well.

Skaters can help out at the Skatin-station from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. Oct. 22 in Auburn.

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