Fulton County Commissioners Discuss County EMS Plan

The Tuesday, December 22, 2020 FC Commissioners meeting contained a short discussion of an EMS plan for the county.

County Administrator Vond Hall explained, “This draft plan includes the consideration of a replacement levy that will produce $4.5 million as well as the creation of a “County Central Station” for Dover TWP and additional mutual aid for the northern entities.”

Commissioner Bill Rufenacht stated that he would like to see the draft “drilled down to explain the staffing requirements for the proposed funds a little more defined.”

Commissioner Jon Rupp agreed and added that he would like to see “something specific for the Central Station staffing as well.” He continued that the outline needs definition and said that he wonders if after that it could be sent to the entities involved.

Mr. Hall suggested that this might leave too much open for interpretation and will hinder discussion process, so his thoughts were to discuss it at the time of introduction. Commissioner Jeff Rupp stated that, with the pandemic, having a large gathering to discuss it is not a good idea.

Mr. Hall suggested bringing it back for further discussion after Christmas and Jon Rupp added that individual entity meetings are for the best since there will be individual contracts involved. It was agreed that there needs to be further discussion.

The Commissioners voted to approve:

•Resolution 2020-903 increase and transfer appropriations for various departments
•Resolution 904 Approve Agreement 2020-126 between NOCAC and JFS for FAET services
•Resolution 905 Approve Amendment #2 to Agreement 2019-105 with NWOESC on behalf of JFS
•Resolution 906 approve 2021 Appropriations
•Resolution 907 Accept PY21 Award from the AOoA for the Senior Center
•Resolution 908 Appoint member to Law Library Resources Board
•Resolution 909 Approve purchase orders and travel requests
•Resolution 910 Authorize Advertisement for CDBG FY19 Project Fayette South Cherry Street Improvements
At the Tuesday, December 29, 2020 meeting, the Commissioners also approved:
•Minutes of December 22, 2020
•Agenda as amended to add resolutions to: Enter into a 2021 Wellness grant; Authorize the Advertisement for a Part time intermittent housekeeper; approve the 2020 Final Appropriation and Extend the County Temporary Policies with respect to COVID-19
•Payment of bills
•Sales Tax Report; Amended Certificate of Estimated Resources; Certificate of Non Compliance; and Certification of Cash Payments Ditch 2142-Pike Township
•Increase and transfer appropriations for various departments
•Resolution 915 Approve Bond: County Recorder
•Resolution 916 Approve Addendum #3 to Lease Agreement 2016-128 with Triangular Processing
•Resolution 917 Approve Oversight of Agreement 2020-127 with the Prosecutor for IV-D Services on behalf of JFS
•Resolution 918 Approve Task Order #4 Agreemtn 2020-128 with Crawford, Murphy and Tilly for Acquisition of SRE on behalf of the Airport
•Resolution 919 Approve oversight of Agreement 2020-129 with Bright Futures for Youth for IV-E Services on behalf of JFS
•Purchase orders and travel requests
•Resolution 921 Authorize Board President to Execute Grant Agreement 2020-130
•Resolution 922 Authorize advertisement for Part time Intermittent Housekeeper
•Resolution 923 Approve Final 2020 Appropriation
•Resolution 924 Extend FC Temporary COVID-19 Policies (through March 31, 2021 only for those employees who have not yet exhausted the policies)


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