Going Bald For A Cause

Terry Henricks Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep-Ram hosted a very unique but purposeful event. While many were partying and visting local pubs on St. Patrick’s day, Terry Henrick’s was painted green by the St. Baldricks foundation, all in the hopes of one day brining an end to childhood cancer.

St. Baldrick’s is a volunteer driven organization that is determined to help fund the fight against childhood cancer. Every three minutes, a child worldwide is diagnosed with cancer. St. Baldrick’s operates in 48 states and 18 countries in order to raise both funds and awareness to this issue. Since starting their mission in 2005, the St. Baldrick’s organization has raised over $127 million dollars to fund research that not only saves the lives of those currently fighting cancer, but to prevent the disease from claiming the lives of children in the future as well.

The signature event of the St. Baldrick’s organization is it’s holding of head shavings, where friends, family, and community members gather, and set a pledge goal. If the goal is met, the person shaves their head in solidarity with the children battling the disease.
One such event was held at Terry Henrick’s where over 40 people, ranging from middle school students, to parents, to sheriff’s deputies shaved their heads bald to help raise awareness of St. Baldrick’s mission.

Along with the head shavings, there were plenty of other ways in which guests could donate to St. Baldrick’s. There was a 50/50 raffle, face paintings, auctions, and a bake sale with plenty of sweet treats that guests could buy. All of the proceeds from these events went to the St Baldrick’s cause as well.

This is the fifth year that Terry Henrick’s has hosted such an event. In the past, the event has raised as much of 60,000 dollars, and have had over 100 people get their head shaved in a single year.

Sadly, for some children, a cure was not found soon enough. However, at the St. Baldrick’s event, there was a simple, hand written sign hanging above the crowd, reminding guests just how important continuing the fight is. The sign read “We don’t quit fighting because the are not here, it’s because they are not here that we KEEP FIGHTING”.

If you want to help continue this fight, it is not to late to do so just because the event has passed. Anyone who would like to consider donating, or who would like more information on how they can help the fight against childhood cancer can do so by visting www.StBaldricks.org, or by calling 1-888-899-BALD.

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