Holiday City Village Hall Expansion Project On Schedule For June Completion


By: Timothy Kays

Weather permitting, work is continuing on the addition to the Holiday City village hall.

“Well, they were working till it started raining,” said Village Administrator, Gary Baker. “It’s pretty much on schedule. We’re building an addition on the back. That’ll include a fireproof records holding area, council room, and the new entrance way on the back west side of the building. And then they’re remodeling the present council and storage room into very large storage rooms, and…a room for police officers if they want to use it.”

The expected completion date for the project is the middle to the end of June.

“They’ve been keeping working on it,” added Baker, “…because government buildings are considered essential. There’s not a lot of people working on it; they keep their distance out there, but it is pretty much on schedule.” The Mel Lanzer Company of Napoleon won the building contract with a bid of around $540,000.

“We’re anxious to get it done so,” Baker added. “We have a…large storage container that we got all our stuff in. It will be nice to get that all back where it belongs.”

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