Letter To The Editor: James Williams

Sid Crosby, NHL superstar, suffered a season ending concussion during the 2011 Winter Classic. For the next 9 months he was treated by some of the finest neurologists in the country, yet recovery was stalled. With his career on the line, Sid seeks out a chiropractic neurologist and achieves immediate results. The world’s #1 hockey player’s career is saved. A fluke? Not on your life! Chiropractors specially trained in neurology and sports medicine have been achieving envious results with sports injuries for years.[emember_protected custom_msg=”Full content protected for online subscribers. Purchase a one week subscription from the top menu bar for just $1.99 to read all online content (full access). Longer subscription plans are also available. Subscriptions cover our costs to attend local events; bringing forth Hometown News Coverage to our communities.”] In recognition of chiropractic’s benefits House Bill 59 was written giving doctors of chiropractic the right to treat and release high school concussed athletes; a bill that was overwhelmingly supported by both the House and the Senate. However, in a surprising move, Kasich line-item vetoed chiropractic from the bill. This move can only be interpreted as bowing to special interest influence. The people most affected by this travesty are our kids. It is a sad day knowing that political influence is more important than good public policy.

James Williams


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