Montpelier Elementary School Honors Little Loco Leaders For January


Montpelier Elementary School held its monthly Little Loco Leaders assembly for the month of January on January 28, 2021. The word of the month was “Adaptable,” and specific students were recognized by their teachers for being flexible, being open to change and showing a positive attitude.

Students were taught by our school counselor, Ms. Anderson about what is means to be adaptable.

The students were taught to look for the positive in changes. Even though change can be hard, if we look for the positive and keep an open mind some changes can be good.

Students were also given the opportunity to drop their name in a bucket for being a “Loco Leader” to have a chance to be drawn out randomly at the assembly as well. The students were given prizes donated by Bill’s Locker Room III, Kommon Kravings, Subway, Saneholtz-McKarns, Ring’s Pharmacy and Montpelier Academic Boosters.

3rd grade through 6th grade students are also recognized for their positive actions related to the word of the month. These students are given a ticket as a “Loco Leader” every time they are recognized by a staff member at the school.

At the end of each month, one student from each classroom is drawn and they are given a prize that is donated to the school by Subway, Kommon Kravings, Saneholtz-McKarns and the Montpelier Academic Boosters.”

The 2nd quarter Loco Leader assembly on Friday, January 22, 2021.  During this assembly, we recognized our students that were on the honor roll, had perfect attendance, and two “Loco Leaders” from each grade that are chosen by the teachers for being Respectful, Responsible and Safe.

1ST GRADE … Front Row (left to right)—Kelsi Hobbs, Paisleigh Groll, Emily Kannel, Brayzin Bell.

2ND GRADE …Front Row (left to right)— Gavriel Michael, Presley Hickling, Sophia Tomaszewski, Yatziri Rodriguez. Back Row (left to right—Wade Hartsock, Gadge Taylor, Landon Rios, Kylie Kell.

3RD-6TH GRADE MONTHLY GRAND PRIZE WINNERS … Front Row (left to right) – Trent Casebere, Eva Haire, Lily Reyes, Bryson Stuck, Jayce Feeney, Montaigu Conway. Back Row (left to right) – Payten Hall, Tayla Dohner, Genevieve Repp, Kameron Sisco, Sarah Meyer, Addison Buehler, Bailey Abrams.

K-2 BUCKET FILLERS … Front Row (left to right)— Brady Myers, Maci Gibbs, Margaret Bible, Keaton Saneholtz, Brantley Doan. Back Row (left to right)— Keegan Smith, Gadge Taylor, Lohgan Decker, Jason Gearig.

KINDERGARTEN … Front Row (left to right)—Lennan Shoup, Kendyl Thomas, Brantley Tomaszewski, Liam Aquino, Raylie Fletcher, Solomon Frank.

3RD GRADE HONOR ROLL … Front Row (left to right) – Braxton Shankster, Liam Hillard. Back Row (left to right) – Declan Repp, Natalie Strobel, Kinley Bechtol.

3RD GRADE LOCO LEADER AWARD … Front Row (left to right) – Aliviya Decker, Carter Harrington.

4TH GRADE HONOR ROLL … Front Row (left to right) – Tyce Fleurkens, Breelynn Shankster.

4TH GRADE LOCO LEADER AWARD … Front Row (left to right) – Cloey Harrington, Sarah Case.

5TH GRADE HONOR ROLL … Front Row (left to right) – Ryan Riggenbach, Tyler Lockwood, Aislinn McGee. Back Row (left to right) –Trinity Lane, James Hickling, Ashlyn Harter, Rowan Brown.

5TH GRADE LOCO LEADER AWARD … Front Row (left to right) – Kameron Sisco, Chance Otto, Mason Brown.

6TH GRADE HONOR ROLL … Front Row (left to right) – Hannah Martin, Emerson Moor, Neriah Thorp.

6TH GRADE LOCO LEADER AWARD … Front Row (left to right) – Neriah Thorp, Madelyn Mattern.






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