Montpelier Village Council Holds May 27 Meeting; Adopts Project Funding Measures

MONTPELIER, May 27, 2014: The Montpelier Village Council held their monthly meeting on May 27 in the Police department Conference Room. At 6:00 p.m., Council President Dan Clum was not present, proceeding on advice from Law Director Chris Walker, Councilman Delmar Karnes made a motion for Laura Gray to act as president for the conduct of the meeting and was seconded by James Rocky, and with unanimous consent from the members present (Dan Willis, James Rocky, and Delmar Carnes), Council Member Gray brought the meeting to order and conducted the opening Prayer along with the Pledge of Allegiance.

The council approved the agenda for the meeting along with minutes from the May 12 meeting, each by unanimous consent, at which time the council sought comments from the audience (none) followed by comments from council. James Rocky made a statement about the flag decoration on Memorial Weekend, noting the presentation of flags and complimented the presentation throughout the village. The council also discussed the issuance of citations for failure to maintain property and noted a few residences in the village that were not in compliance. The Village Council would like to remind all residents to keep their property in compliance with appearance standards. Additionally, Acting Council President Gray commented on the Cross-Walks in the Village and the lack of attention drivers are giving to these clearly marked areas. All village residents are reminded that pedestrians have right of way in marked cross-walks and vehicles are required to yield the right of way to individuals waiting to cross.

Montpelier Police Chief Dan Mullen addressed the council on a proposed new communication system by “Everbridge’” a mass notification system being considered for purchase by Williams County, for use by all Townships and Towns throughout the county. The purposes of the system are: Citizen Protection and Lite Safety, Emergency Response and Management, Continuity of Operations, Development of a Community Notification System, and Power Outage Communications’. The system may be utilized by all village departments, and the cost of the system will be based on the number of entities throughout the county accepting use of the Everbridge system. Montpelier’s current cost estimate on a per month basis would be $1,326.25. The Village would be required to sign initial interest in the new system by June 6, 2014. After full briefing and questions from council, James Rocky made a motion to move forward and after a second motion from Delmar Karnes, the proposal was adapted by a unanimous 4-0 vote.

The next item on the agenda, the council addressed pending fiscal issues. Resolution 1081, an Amended Appropriations measure to incorporate funds received from Grant Disbursal and authorizing the expenditure as needed. Ordinance 2172 passed on a 4-0 vote, authorizing $50,000.00 for Note Renewal (garbage Truck); Ordinance 2173 also passed on a 4-0 vote for Note Renewal for the Waste water Treatment Plant Screens in the amount of $280,000.00; Ordinance 2174 received a 4-0 vote, authorizing the expenditure of $200,000.00 for the Improvement and Renovation of the Parks and Recreation Parks Recreational Facilities; and Ordinance 2175, a New Note for the Renovation and Improvement of the Town Hall. In addition to the fiscal issues, the council also passed and approved Ordinance 2171. 2171 effectively amends Chapter 123 of the Codified Ordinances of Montpelier, Ohio to add section 123.031 pertaining to the Procedures for Publishing Notice To Bidders by Electronic Means.

The Council then went into executive session to discuss personnel issues. After the council emerged from executive session, the council then addressed Resolutions 1082, 1083, 1084, 1085 and 1086. Resolutions 1085 and 1086 set wage ranges for Village Employees, while 1082, 1083, and 1084 address an approved 3.35 % wage increase for all full time employees, which will offset the 4 % pension contributions the village will no longer be paying for the employees.

The next Village Council meeting will take place on June 9, with a June 23rd meeting on the schedule as well.

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