Montpelier Village Council Holds Meeting September 10th

During Monday, September 10 meeting, Montpelier resident, Angel Fritsch asked council to consider moving Trick or Treat to Saturday, October 27.  She presented a letter with signatures from numerous members of the community stating reasons for moving Trick or Treat to a Saturday. By moving Trick or Treat to a Saturday, the traditional door to door activity could be scheduled for an earlier, and possibly longer, hour. Ms. Fritsch suggested there could be events scheduled throughout the day.

Pam Lucas noted the park department and the Main Street Park Committee may already have posted the date as previously agreed by council. Council heard from the Main Street Park Committee in August to request the date of October 30 so they could move forward with event planning for the evening. Mayor Yagelski stated it would be great if all the groups met and worked together on planning Halloween activities. Council members asked Ms. Fritsch to contact members of the Main Street Park Committee. If all groups were in agreement, Ms. Fritsch would return to council with her information on September 25.

Council approved the Christmas schedule for village employees. There will be an afternoon Christmas lunch on Friday, December 21 with a normal dismissal time at the end of the day. Village offices will be closed on the 24th and 25th with normal work schedule resuming on Wednesday, December 26. Village residents will be notified of any change to garbage pickup for the week.

“It could be a couple of weeks” was the comment from Kurt Roan when asked for an update on the State Route 576 Bridge at the north end of town.

The preliminary list of auction items for the fall auction was reviewed and approved by council.  The final list will be presented at the September 25 meeting. The auction will be held on October 11 at 6:00 p.m. at the fire station. The fire department will be preparing burgers and brats for the event.

In August, 2012, $215,816.88 had been collected in village income tax as compared to $230,534.39 for the same period in 2011. In yearly comparisons, $1,242,745.35 has been collected in 2012 as compared to $1,052,591.30 for 2011.

Council went into executive session to discuss possible acquisition of property, reserving the right to discuss other matters. No action was anticipated.

The next meeting of the Montpelier Village Council is September 25.

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